Actecno 1

"Scary, hot, sexy with intense drama, hooked up in the perfect teenager twist."

Ending up having to live with her uncle after a tragic accident of her parents wasn't easy. More for Elsa Peterson; Elsa being young and popular and loved by everyone of the school;literally everyone of the school, became another. Now she was shy, a little bit rude but kind. With eighteen years old, she has a secret. She is an Actecno. She has powers as same her uncle;both with a secret on a big New York city.

But getting to start a new life in school and friends-gets a little darker, when a mystery guy who she finds in a dark hallway has the same powers that she has. He will be her stalker, protector with even a flame of darkness and love.

But when they are finding secrets, a website of lies and darkness and passion involves their friends into a dark adventure between love, passion, hate and desire and even into danger...

Get to enjoy horror...

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2. ONE

[To my dear family and friends, who always support me and helped me to write this ideas. Thank you so much.]


I wake up. My eyes saw the same walls. They were red like the blood. Like, the type of color that blood has. The floor was yellow like the flowers of my garden. Beautiful and extravagant.

I slowly get up off my bed and put my feet on the cold floor. My body wore a blue pajama shirt, with some blue shorts that the old me used in 9th grade for a show called "Dreams Come True." I look at myself in the mirror.

And my mind has started to realize that my little girl's face has been gone. My eyes are brown, my hair is brown and my skin is not the type of skinny but is not so much pale. It is, well, weird.

After my parents die, David Peterson offered himself to protect me. And for perfection, he is like me. An Actecno. We don't choose to be one, but we born with that. Some said that it is a gift.

For me, the gift started at the fourteen years old. And here am I. The shy girl that is not even prepared for High School. The unfortunate seventeen years old, Elsa Peterson.

Today, Monday fourteen of March, is the first day of school. What means that there is no vacations. No Twitter. No Facebook. Say goodbye to Instagram and Snap Chat.

Is time to share time with nothing more than your friends.

I go to the bathroom, but before my body could went into the bathroom and give to me a nice shower, David appear.


I said in a low voice, smiling with my lips. He hold a news papers in his left hand, "I think we have problems." He said, while he opened the news paper and show me a picture that had the title, "Mystery On New York" The picture was a black car with fire.

I take the news paper from his hand and take a look at it, "So, you think that I did this?" I asked him.

He smile and look away, but then he look at me, again.

"Nope, but the killer must be around here. So, be careful."

"I will, David. My heart promises."

He laughed and pulled me into a hug. After five seconds on the shower, I get out and dress up. But not getting ready to be the cool girl that I was, my hand reached for a red shirt with a black jacket and a black jeans with some cool converses.

A text popped into my phone. My hand reached for my phone in my pocket. The text was from the hilarious sarcastic person my eyes have ever seen. Skylar Marie Johnson.

Skylar: Here to pick you up!!

Me: Okay, coming!

Then I go downstairs and move to the kitchen, where David was preparing for the school. Yeah. He is my teacher of History. Say hello to my own uncle, my professional teacher.

"Bye, David!"

I said, giving to him a kiss in his cheek. David laugh and go away. Then it was time to go to school. My hand touch the lock of the door, and with the soft sigh that leaves my mouth, the door opened.

Skylar was in the purple Toyota car. She wore a black glasses combined with a red lipstick, and a purple shirt dress with a black shoes. Her hair was darkly brown, long, soft and beautiful.

I get on her car. "Well, here am-" But just when my mouth was finishing my sentence, she pulled me into a hug.

"Oh, Elsa! Are you, okay? It has pass two weeks that we don't see each other by the accident."

I laughed and put my hands in her back. Giving little pats on her back.

"I am fine..."

She laughed and let her hands fall from my back. Then she look in front of her. "Well, ready?" She said. And then my head nod.

While we get to school, the ride was great. The breeze felt cold and it was all over me. My head was looking outside the mirror that was next to me. But then a face appeared in the woods where we ride. It was a guy. He had a dark black hair with blue eyes and pale face.

My eyes closed again and opened, it seemed like a nightmare. Then we get into the parking lot of the school.

Skylar put her hand in my shoulder and look right into my eyes. My face turned to her and make a smile.

"Get ready!"

She said with a smile. I nod, and went inside the school. All stare at me. The faces were on me again and for a moment the silence come. My friend put her hand in my shoulder and look at all of them.

"What are they looking? Go back to their works!"

She said. Then my mind though about hiding, but I couldn't now that her hand was around my shoulder.

"Okay," She said, letting her hand fall from my shoulder. "I will go and search my locker."

She said, going away. I nod and then for a moment, my body stayed in there. Watching how she vanished through the people. When my body move to the left, my notebook fall. I hunched and then a hand took my notebook. And afraid to see the face of the guy, I stand up slowly and it was the face of the guy that appeared before.

My mouth gasped. He was smiling with his lips. "Is this yours?" He asked.

"Oh, y-yes. Thanks."

I said, taking the notebook from his hands. He nod and started to walk away. My eyes stare at the figure of the guy that was walking away.

Skylar stand next to me. "You have just talk with the player of this school."

"What?" I asked.

"Do you want to come to Jessica's party? He will be there."


I said.



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