Children of Time

My life and expieriences as a Time Lord.

3Me gustan

1. Birth

  I remember before I was really alive. It was.....odd. I've never experienced anything like it since then. Of course I was alive, in a way. I wasn't in the "before life", if such a place exists, I was being woven from the DNA of my cousins like so many of my relatives before me.

It felt I wasn't quite anywhere. Even though the place I existed in was so small, I could travel as far as my imagination could take me.

I spent much of my - well not days time kind of melted together - but much of my consciousness was spent in what could be described as a psychedelic acid trip. Neon colours that somehow felt mellow, objects melting at random, slow drawling voices, many other strange things.

Except when I heard voices....voices from the outside. They would sing to me, and I could understand them, because the memories and knowledge of my ancestors and living relatives lived inside me.

When they sang to me o could see them and the room we where in. It was dark like night, but I could see the cousins who came to sing to me clearly. Their faces where the most fascinating things I had ever seen. I wish I could feel that wonderment again sometimes.....

Then I remember becoming more and more solid. It started with my mind first.

The thing I first became aware of was time. It beat all around me and was deafeningly loud. It spread out in loops and hill like one gigantic roller coaster. I could feel time passing through and around me.....

And I was bored.

You see, when I didn't have a sense of time, time didn't seem to move. But now that I could feel moved slowly.

Things weren't so interesting anymore. I remember because the vortisaurs didn't talk to me anymore. They only cared and roared like one of the common animals from my ancestors memories.

Then I started to feel my body. I knew it was there. I was so much heavier than before.

Next, I started to feel. It was amazing! Easily my favourite of the senses I had so far.

But the more I felt the less I saw. Soon my hallucinations (or whatever they should be called) were gone altogether. All I could see was the black that surrounded, and the web of time. myslef

There wasn't a lot of things to do anymore. I could still hear the singing voices when it came, but I could no longer see the faces.

So, to entertain myself I poked and pinched my newly found body. It gave me a funny feeling.... I later learned of course that what I was feeling was pain.

Although, it didn't hurt at the time. Or rather, it did but I didn't dislike it.

I noticed my wings later on. I remember being fascinated by them. I could feel them there, and move them, but I couldn't feel anything on my wings no matter how hard I scratched.

That's how I waited for a long time. It was deadly boring, and I couldn't wait to get to get out and see all of the wonderful things that my memories told me existed.

But when it was finally time to go I became afraid. What if my cousins didn't like me? What if outside wasn't any better then inside here? What if it was worse? Thoughts like that scrambled through my young mind, but there was no time to think. Besides it wasn't as if I had a choice any way.

I had been worried that I wouldn't know when my time to leave was here, but now that it was happening o had no worries.

Air pushed down on my head and air sucked by my feet, and I instinctively knew it was my time. I knew what had to do.

I flattened my wings against my back, pushed my legs together, and positioned my arms and hands at my sides.

I let myself get sucked out of the machine that I had lived in my entire life. It was over very quickly. I gently fell down a chute and into a soft bed that lay at the bottom of the machine in the pitch dark room.

I didn't look up just yet, but I did take in my very first breath. And hissed in pain! It was so so cold, and I'd didn't want to breathe in again.

However my lungs didn't agree - and I was forced to take in another breath. But it still hurt! I had hoped breathing wasn't always like this! But as I continued to breath, the cold went down and the pain stopped.

Once my breathing regulated I looked up for the first time, and into the kind green eyes of a female. My cousin!

"Welcome to the house of Blyledge little one."

Blyledge? Yes Blyledge! I accessed the memories and quickly learned. All Time Lords (like me!) belong to a house.

There are dozens of houses of houses, but some are more well known then others. Like mine! It was one of the very first houses created, even before Lord Rassilon himself! We are the most important house in Prydonian history. Each house was like a family. Every house was allowed a certain number of members - and I was the newest.

I was taken from my thoughts by a male clearing his voice and then speaking in a bored sounding voice.

"I officially declare that Time Lord Kenna Marka is a citizen of Gallifrey and a member of the Prydonian house Blyledge. By birthright as a member of the Blyledge house, Kenna Marca by age eight will be taken to the untempered schism and be given enough Lindos to renew twelve times for a total of thirteen bodies and thirteen bodies only, no exceptions under any circumstances. Kenna Marca will then be aloud to attend the Prydonian Academy, permitted the house of Blyledge makes a payment to the Lord High President of Gallifrey. By the age of one hundred Kenna Marca will be of legal age, and therefore is aloud to act as they wish, permitted the law is followed. Welcome to Gallifrey Kenna Marca." He finished with a gruff sigh.

I looked up at the two. They both looked grand in their traditional Prydonian scarlet and gold robes and headpieces.

I recognized the female - they where one of the cousins who sang to me. I hadn't recognized the second person, but as the female seemed to trust them, so did I.

I felt a bit uncomfortable as the two seemed to be inspecting me with their eyes. "Good Lord Rassilon!" the male cried, "In all my years.... I've never seen anything like it!"

In retrospect I should have been offended. But I didn't really know how to be offended, much less know when I should be. Actually now that I think about it, that might have been a fair reaction. I did look pretty gruesome after all. Not because o was an ugly child of course - it was just the cuts and bruises that cover my body.

My wings where the worst - they looked like they'd been through a shredder. But it wasn't my fault! How was I to know how fragile my young body was?

The female reached down to pick me up, but the male stopped their hands. "Don't touch that thing Maury! It might be contaminated!"

The Time Lord called Maury scoffed. "Contaminated? Contaminated by what? A child can not get sick from the loom. Perhaps it has been scratched on the way down.

Now it was the males turn to scoff. "Scratched? Scratched by what? Don't pick it up for Rassilon's sake!"

Thankfully Maury didn't listen. Instead Maury picked me up into their arms. I looked at them, but I didn't say anything, although I could have. My species are born as toddles - babies hadn't existed in Gallifrey for a long long time.

I also didn't have to learn basic things like language or physics - the loom (the machine that strung together strands of DNA from the members of a house) had taught me those things already. Besides what would I have said anyway?

Maury cradled cradled me while the male recoiled in disgust. Maury closed their eyes and put their hands on my forehead.

A gold shimmery light came from the Time Lord's hands and surrounded my body, giving it a pleasant tingling feeling.

I wasn't scared, although I was confused. Evidently the male was as well.

"What do you think your doing!? Are you absolutely mad!? Stop this at once!"

But it was to late, the gold light was already gone. And I was healed! The gold light had fixed all of the cuts and brows on my body.

And my wings! They were beautiful. They shimmered pink, and blue, and green, like stained glass. With my shocking blue eyes, pale skin, and slightly curled brown hair, I looked like a fairy.

"Calm yourself Borusa. They are a beautiful child, and I've done nothing illegal." Maury stated firmly.

"Well - just because - using your own regenerative energy - I say - absolutely absurd!" Borusa spluttered.

"You've read the rights Borusa. There is no more need for you here."

Borusa grumbled incoherently, but left the dark room just the same.

I covered my eyes when the light from outside of the room spilled in, but it was quickly doused by the closing of the door.

Maury sighed and shook their head before looking at me. "Anyway....welcome to the world Kenna Marca."

Kenna Marca. That was my name. The name was next on the list for the newest Prydonian. The list was old as dirt, and no one quite knew where it came from, or what any of the names meant, but it was always used just the same.

I looked back up to Maury and spoke my very first words. "Let's go! I want to explore and see everything!"

Maury laughed. "Spoken like a try Prydonian! Gallifrey had better keep an eye on you."

I giggled. "Yeah! They'd better."

Maury smiled back. "Yes......I'll make sure to tell them! But before I do, it's time for you to meet the rest of the Blyledge house."

Maury took my hand and led me to the door. It was pitch dark except for us, and I had no idea how Maury even found the door, but she did.

My stomach felt like it was dancing, and my hearts hammered. I curled my toes in anticipation.

I was meeting my family for the first time after all. I really wanted them to like me, so I had to make a good impression.

"Brace yourself for the light." Maury said kindly.

And, with both my hearts beating like jackhammers, I did.

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