The other someone

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  • Publicado: 17 oct 2015
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I kept it simple! :)

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1. The other someone

It's so insane to think that at this very moment;

Someone is born,

While someone is on their deathbed hearing but letting go the cries.

Someone is reunited with a lover hugged in the sweet embrace,
While someone maybe searching for ways to escape that life.

Someone is being proud and getting praised for what they have done,
 While others are crying themselves to sleep at night.

Someone who promised someone to live their whole life with them,
Now thinks that even a second is not worth to spend out of their time.

Someone is showing their happy side to others,
And they don’t even know about the battle they are fighting inside.

Someone’s heart is dancing because of the first kiss,
While someone’s is breaking because of the cruel goodbyes. 


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