After the Chernobyl accident in 1986 strange paranormal activity has been sighted inside the barrier. Several police officers strangely gone missing. There mangled body's were found inside the Chernobyl barrier. Kate is a investigator trying to piece it together when she enters the ghost town she gets a nasty surprise.

5Me gustan

1. The Missing Men

Ever since the Chernobyl accident, there has been many deaths near the barrier, so many that they had to cover it up in the news. The FBI have been trying to find out who was committing these mysterious deaths. I'm Kate Louise and I'm a FBI agent. I have been assigned this mission to find out about the Chernobyl power plant and what really lies beyond the barrier. I am on my way to the barrier now. We have our gas masks on and we have just passed the barrier. As we drive on we spot over a dozen radiation signs. We take no notice of these signs, Well aware of the dangers of the radiation. As we walk past the warped trees we notice that one of are agents had fell behind. His gas mask was off and his hands were clutched around his throat. An invisible force had lifted him off the ground.

"What the..." as soon as the words came out of my lips the body slumped to the floor and i got knocked back. It felt like  I had been hit by a car. If i wasn't wearing my heavy leather body suit, then i probably would've broken a few bones.The invisible force was still grappling with me, i was terrified. one of my friends did a stupid thing.

"Hey Mr ghost, come and get me!!"

oh he got him alright. The ghost/ invisible force let go of me and the huge crushing weight on top of me vanished. The ghost charged at him with tremendous speed. He flew into the air and his gas mask flew off. I didn't wait for him I knew he was a goner.


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