Girl Perfect.

Sophia... even her name is perfect, not to old fashioned, not too modern, not too unusual, but not that common.

0Me gustan

1. The List

When you have an anxiety attack, a recommended way to recover is to list facts you know are true, but its stupid, because all of them are about her. Never mind, I'll do it anyway...


Her name is Sophia.

She is part of the popular crowd, but not bitchy like some of them.

She is clever.

She has a beautiful smile that makes me melt inside.

She is well-off but she doesn't show off about it.

She doesn't try to make people like her.

She is not clingy.

She doesn't copy what everyone else does.

She doesn't try to be like everyone else.

She doesn't follow trends(most of the time she makes them, but obviously without meaning to.)

She is really pretty.

And She is way out of my league.



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