You Will Never See This, But I Love You

I love you, Connie. But not in the way you think.

1Me gustan

1. Please.

Connie. I hope you will never see this. And even if you do, I hope you don't guess it's me. But on the occasion that you do see this, I'm sorry. I'm such a coward. I can't tell you my feelings so I just write to you online where you will never see. 


I bet you will never realise.

I keep secrets well, much more than you think. I've told one person. Just one, about this situation. Sometimes I wonder if, when I met you, I should have just walked away. Maybe then I wouldn't be in this mess.


You don't know that when school's over I hide in my room and cry over my laptop. 

You don't think that when I say "I love you," I really, truly mean it, but not in the way you do.

You don't understand that I feel wrong hugging you, because it makes me feel like I'm using our friendship to my advantage.

You don't recognize the pain I feel when you talk about your boyfriends. But you do notice something, because you laugh and say "What's up with you? Jealous?" Yes I am. But not of the fact you have a boyfriend. I'm jealous because your boyfriend has you.


You don't see. I'm a lesbian.


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