Shadow Hunter

When Kate finds out that she has the ancient blood in her, she doesn't believe. But when she meets her soul mate James she starts to wonder.

5Me gustan

1. My maths class goes terribly wrong

"Kate!" the dark tendrils of sleep slowly faded away and she looked up at her surroundings. Oops, bad decision. As she lifted her head she accidentally banged her head on her teacher's nose. the teacher let out a screech of pain that would  even surpass the sound of a dieing cat. I can already hear the screams of laughter from the rest of the class. Oh the embarrassment. When the teacher had successfully managed to get the wet paper towels out of the box, but spilling them all onto the floor. She was trying to stem the nosebleed I had given to her.

"I am so sorry i didn't mean to do it, it's just i looked up at the wrong time that's all." I knew i shouldn't have said it the  moment it came out of my mouth.

"That's all!, I'll give you that's all!" The teacher threw a chunk of metal that we were using for the experiment. It was a direct hit on my head. I don't remember anything after that.


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