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Kat is a collage student. She has a slight problem with her roommate Calum Hood. He tries to make a move on her every time he gets the chance. But Kat doesn't trust him.
But one night that will all change.


1. Typical Days

Hi I'm Kat rivera and I just started my first year of collage in Sydney Australia. I have the worst roommate ever! His name is Calum Hood. He tries to make a move on me every time he gets the chance and on top of that he can be a pervert at times. But then agin sometimes he can be nice and helpful but that's only to get me to 'like' him.

Kat's POV -

"Pssst. Pssst"

"KAT!!!!" Calum yelled causing me to jump and fall off of my bed.

"What?" I groaned.

"What do you mean what!!! your going to be late if you don't get up, have you even checked the time yet?!"

I look at my phone and to see the time. (9:55 am)

"Shit!!! Cal why didn't you wake me up earlier!!!" I yelled at him as I got a towel from are closet and some cloths, heading towards the bathroom.

"I didn't wake you up because you looked to cute sleeping" he said with a babyish tone.

"What ever" I said in return.

"Can I shower with you?" Calum said with a smirk on his face.

"Yeah sure you Cal" I said teasing him.

"Really?!" He said excitedly.

"No" I said slightly laughing and shutting the door behind me.

*after shower*

I got ready, I put my 'green day' tee, black jeans, black vans, and I straitened my hair and added a black beanie. My hair color is brown and blonde ombré.

Me and Calum walked to are classes. I walked to my friends and he walked to his friends.

"Kat" Taylor greeted me along with Vanessa and Savanna.

"Hey guys" I greeted back.

"What's up with you and Calum Hood?" Vanessa asked poking me my shoulder with her elbow.

"Nothing why?" I asked.

"Well your always with him" They all said at the same time.

"Me and Calum are roommates"

"So you know you should go for him you guys would make a cut couple" Vanessa said excitedly

"I don't know, I mean sure is pretty attractive but I don't trust him"

"Why not?" They said together.

"Because every Friday and Saturday night he brings a new girl in our apartment and let's just say they do something inappropriate"

"Oh" They all said.

"But may be you could change him or maybe he's doing that to get you jealous" Taylor said.

"Well I'll think about it"

*Friday after school*

I was laying on the couch on my phone. It was around 11:23pm Calum stomps in drunk with bruises, a bloody nose, and his forehead bleeding too. Michael walks in but he's not drunk.

"Oh god what happened?!" I ask concerned. Calum could hardly walk. I helped him to our couch.

"Sorry about him I had to drop him off he got in a fist fight with Louis Tomlinson" Michael said.

"Yeah I should get going I'll leave with him okay bye Kat"

"Bye Michael" I yelled as he closed the door.

"Owww!!!" Calum yelled. I got some bandages and a wet rag. I cleaned of the blood from his face and bandaged up his cuts.

He laid his head on my lap. I brushed my hand through his hair.

"Oh... Cal how do you get your self into things like this" I sighed.

*next morning*

I woke up on the couch with Calum's hand wrapped around me.


So that just happened please tell me what

You thought about this one!!!

Oh and huge thanks to luke.lover for the

name Suggestion!!!

Bye!!! xx.

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