A Tale From Death

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  • Publicado: 17 jul 2015
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Death has seen many In their time of leaving the world. But he has never seen someone like Charles Davis. Set in WW2 Charles is a man, who goes through a life changing journey, which opens death's heart.

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1. Introduction

Humans are funny creatures.

They cry in sadness and in happiness. They feel the need to hug and kiss. They need the constant attention of others to make themselves feel fulfilled. They overlook important details to instead focus on the insignificance of who has recently taken a picture of their food. Don't get me started on what they call babies. All they do is cry, eat and go to the toilet! Apparently that is considered cute.

They also find that war is a necessary mean of settling a dispute. Naive and power hungry men, are the ones who drive the world into death. That man Adolf Hitler thought that war was the only way to achieve and gain power; all that happened was he lost everything. I remember the time of the war. People screaming, siren alarms patrolling the area. The streets were coloured in red. Mangled bodies were chucked everywhere. Once great streets and monuments were turned to ashes by the touch of ammunition. The sky was the colour of fire. Planes raided the skys, and dropped things which ended the fait of a person.  

Humans constantly drown themselves in emotions, and evolve their life around them. Why do this? I found their feelings a pointless way of living. I used to think that it held them down, but it's the only thing that keeps them going.


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