Return of Starlight

Sequel to Healing Starlight

0Me gustan

6. Kirma Enque: (Part Six)

 “Oh no,” Natil replied quickly, “He is someone who came to us, and was transformed into an elf by the old ways utilized by the elves of the past, four centuries ago. He was a human then, but somehow our magic changed him into being fully Elven after his arrival into the fourteenth century.”

    “Oh! He was human too?” Ash gasped, and she glanced at the unconscious form of Rijiin in the bed. She could not see any of the traces of humanity in Rijiin’s face, having changed fully when he healed Mimi and manipulating the patterns of her very soul.  

    “Yes.” Natil replied with a smile, “A handsome young man that gave up his entire existence to spend it with me in the Renaissance Age as an immortal elf and gave up his home in the twentieth century.”

“Oh how romantic.” Sana commented and she smiled at Natil who frowned slightly.

“It may sound that way, but it goes a lot deeper than that.” The Harper told them, “Rijiin met me in a different timeline. I had been traveling in the twentieth century and asked for directions and he had been sitting there eating his lunch.”

She paused to nod slightly to the questioning looks of the others who stood with her.  

“When I first lay eyes on him, it was almost instant recognition between us like we were friends for a long time. He was very polite and helpful to point me into the right direction.” The Harper continued, “We seemed to hit it off almost immediately with common interests, spending a lot of time with him until I had to leave. It got even stranger when he came to the fourteenth century, and that is when the timeline was changed.”

“Changed? How…?” Sana asked.

“His presence changed the timeline just being there, and Rijiin came long before I had left Adria and traveled through the ages. The event of meeting in the twentieth century had not happened yet.” The Harper explained, “The timeframe had become literally a clean slate for both of us. The event happening in the future that would never take place. In his eyes the images of that line revealed themselves in the starlight and I had full knowledge afterward.”

She paused to catch her breath.

“It is like a chalkboard and you used an eraser, the slate became clean. We started from scratch and still it seemed like we were inseparable.”

“Then we had great power back then?” Ash asked and Natil shook her head.

“Back then the few elves that remained had limited magical and healing abilities, to help and heal at will. The last few of us in the world did what we could to coexist in a world of men, despite the Inquisition that persecuted elves for centuries into extinction and the elves fading into the winds of history.” She told them, “Rijiin is no different, he can help and heal too but he disappeared after utilizing the power of the elves, transporting us through the winds of time and space to help and heal Mimi.”

“You mean you hopped timelines and into the future to heal Mimi?” Sana exclaimed, “That’s incredible.”

“Aye, he risked both of us and his existence when he utilized the unpredictability of the old ways, using the elves magic back then that surrounded the elves.” The Harper said with a smile but her grin faded suddenly, unnerved by her reminisces of the past.

“By our Lady, did I tell them too much?” The Harper wondered and she shook her head slightly.

“Be at peace, I think we should have answers soon and we’ll all find out what happened to him and where he has been for close to four hundred years.” Natil murmured, “I sense he is close, and he is aware of us, he just cannot wake for some reason.”

“Go eat Natil.” Sana declared, “You need a break. As I said I’ll watch him and call you if there are any changes.”

Natil smiled, leaving the room with Wheat and Ash, leaving Sana sitting in a comfortable chair, her eyes watching him closely.

The youthful woman wondered what kind of human Rijiin had been, knowing it was for Natil he remained in the Renaissance Age rather than live in the Modern Age. Sana wondered if there was something more about him that the Harper was not telling them. She noted he had a strange bluish-silver aura around him.

Rijiin, on the other hand, stood on the green meadow beside the Goddess, the Lady robed in blue and silver who had guided him through history and time. She had protected him many times, as he had fought beside many famous people. He witnessed many a historical event and took part in his latest rage against mortal man and an evil that would make a significant bloody mark in history. He embraced the Lady when he saw her for the first time and after a long time.  

        “My Lady, it feels good to be held in your arms again, and to be again in your presence.” Rijiin told her, and he stepped back to return her smile.

      “I know Rijiin.” She said, “Be at peace, you are home now, and someone special awaits your return to her.”

       “How can I face her?” asked the elf, “I am just a killer. I killed for the sheer sport of it in most cases. I enacted revenge and murder upon the mortals I am supposed to help and heal. I passed judgment over them where it is not my place to do so.”  

       “You are supposed to help and heal, but under the circumstances, you had no choice. It was that or be slain by another’s hand.”  She said, “Margot, Anne and the multitudes of others you healed in that period will always be grateful for your bravery and your compassion. They did not want to die, not that way, and you gave them the opportunity to live by changing circumstances of their own fate.”

         “You followed your heart and did what you tried to do in Adria. You tried to help, heal, comfort and aid.” She said, “You are very wise, despite the many times you risked yourself on your foolish errand. I am very pleased to see you have such wisdom for doing the right thing. You have grown a lot in these centuries.”

         “Fear not, the world will not be destroyed by your changing history where people who were supposed to die but did not.” She told him, “The world will welcome them home with no questions, as no one else will sense the change in time except for you."

    `Rijiin grimaced and frowned, not understanding at first.

    "Time is fluid like a river and is ever flowing with many currents, eddies and rapids. In another time stream, instead of their needless deaths in that place, which you changed, those people actually survived. You changed the time stream to another reality with your help, healing and compassion.”

The elf remained kneeling before the goddess, sensing there was more to this than he realized.

“As for renewal, you have until May first, to take heed and find forgiveness in yourself for the unnecessary slaughter of those you killed without mercy or compassion. I cannot give you the absolution you seek for that magnitude of slaughter you performed against the evil that rampaged Europe.” She told him, “I had to intervene, however, and stop you from becoming engrossed in revenge for another race who did nothing to the elves or you.”

Here the Lady paused and grimaced, but she also nodded too.

“Remember what Terrill, Mirya, Varden and Natil taught you, and said many times. Human ways are not ours. You walk the path of an immortal, you exist to help and heal those in need, and for all times, which you did. Not declare war and become judge jury and executioner on mortal man.”

Rijiin smiled, seeing her meaning and he looked up meeting the expression of the Lady. He saw the twinkle of starlight in her eyes.

    “I know me’ lady, I understand.” He said, and he bowed slightly, “I forgot myself and purpose while in those places. I felt anger toward an organization that was murdering thousands with no mercy or compassion. It reminded me of the persecution of the elves so long ago. I turned and took the fight back to them in their stead as their champion.”


The Lady, clad in blue and silver nodded slightly, and placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Be at peace, they had a purpose in life, and it was their fate to die. Fear not, their tale and memory will never be forgotten, even in death.” She told him, making him nod slightly, “That part of history has been preserved and many of those camps were preserved as-is as a teaching method of history.”

 “You also have my thanks me’ lady,” He told her, “For everything, for keeping me safe during the times without the starlight. It was very hard to stand by to observe and do nothing.”

“You are welcome and also are welcome at your new home.” She said and a grin flashed across his face. “You must return to her now, and you must face her. Be at peace I am here always for you and the others.”

He nodded formally to the Creatrix of the elves, and he bowed slightly. She raised her hand and a moment later, Rijiin found himself spinning in darkness.

The elf slowly opened his eyes moment later, focusing upon the white ceiling of a warm room. As he lay there, he realized he was in a warm plush bed with a thick comforter over him and slowly he examined the surroundings with his eyes. The room is bright with white walls, has an open beamed ceiling and one large window that allowed the cold daylight to spill in through it. Standing on the wall beside the window, there is an oak dresser, a wardrobe on the wall adjacent to the window and a door on the farthest wall from the bed. A small stand sat in the corner. His blade and dagger sat in a small holder on top of it. His musical instrument was leaning in a corner still in its leather pouch.

He suddenly sensed a presence beside him and slowly he turned his head. His gray eyes fell on the face of an unfamiliar woman sitting beside him.  Rijiin, confused by his surroundings, found himself reminded of Saint Brigid. He remembered one of many rooms in Kay’s house where his adventures had began a very long time ago. The youthful elf at first thought he was dreaming, but realized it had been Mirya not this beautiful light haired woman who sat at his side. He stared at her for a long time, reminded of someone else a long time ago too.

 “Charity…?” He croaked, finding his voice “Where’s Mirya. How long was I out and down for the count?”

The young woman gasped as she turned her head to regard him in startled silence. She smiled openly at first, glad to see he was alive and well. Sana frowned playfully at him, thinking about his question and the response.  

 “Who…?” She replied politely, confused by the name. “There is no Charity here.”

 “Who are you then?”

 “Sana.” She replied, frowning again, staring at the gray eyes of the young man and at his familiar fair features. She had instant recognition when she saw him the first time as they rushed to his side and to his aid. Rijiin was feeling the same confusion as he stared in wonder at the light haired woman and into her star-filled blue eyes. He knew it could not be, knowing that the young girl Charity lived over four centuries ago and was long since gone from the world. The elf also knew she believed in renewal and she was a priestess of the elves.

    “Roxanne, then…?” He asked, because of her name and she shook her head again. He had known another person by the name Sana many centuries ago but to Rijiin, the woman here, looked close to her but not exactly like her.

    “My name is Sandy. Sana Joy,” She told him.

Confused and uncomfortable, Rijiin panned a quick glance to his surroundings before he sat up and he swayed back and forth before falling back on the bed. Closing his eyes, he focused on the twinkling starlight, surprised but also relieved they were still there. He let them steady him from his disorientation.  

 “You should rest.” Sana told him, “You have been through a hell of a lot.”

Opening his eyes, he met her blue eyes that twinkled brightly, still reminding him of someone else. Her blond hair fell around her shoulders.

 “You don’t know the half of it Ms. Joy.” Rijiin thought, and he saw her frown.

 “You are safe here, at Elven home, however.”

 “Elven home…?” Rijiin asked, turning his head, feeling a strange leap of his soul at the sound of the name. She nodded affirmatively to him.

      “Elven home…” The young woman repeated.

      “Okay… Elven Home but what year is it?” He asked quietly and Sana’s eyebrows climbed quickly, clearly surprised by his question.

      “Elven Home is a haven for people like your self.” She replied, “Elves, who have returned after so many centuries of silence and it is the year of the blessed Goddess, nineteen ninety five. We are a few miles outside Denver, Colorado. Why, what year do you think it is?”  

Rijiin deliberately avoided the question, unnerved by the familiar, but clearly unfamiliar person who sat beside the bed.

He grimaced, remembering the banter between him and Mirya. Her questions almost had been the same round of questions his kinswoman had asked when he landed in the fourteenth century. It unnerved him a bit by her questions.

The elf found himself not surprised by the information that he was still in the twentieth century, in modern day times again, but there was one difference, he was immortal and had lived over five hundred years. The elf calculated quickly and he grimaced, realizing it was now approximately over fifty some years from the time he had just been living through and what he had done in a time of war.

The elf is unaware that the United States is once again engaged in war though, called Desert Shield, and Desert Storm against Iraq and Saddam Hussein. Many continued to die in battle, preserving peace just as TK had when he served as a human in the U.S Army. There would be many sacrifices to come and more battles to fight as the months and years rolled on.

In the meantime, Rijiin only shrugged, managing a pained grimace as he tried to sit up again.

“You don’t want to know Ms. Joy.” He muttered, shaking his head before carefully examining the surroundings.

The young woman did not stop him as he sat up, swooning with disorientation and he turned his body to drape his legs over the side of the bed. Rijiin quickly glanced down at himself, and was relieved to find himself in one piece. He was dressed in a simple pair of sweats and a thin white shirt. His ripped upper body showed through the white t-shirt.

“We brought you into Elven Home after you appeared outside, that was about four days ago.” Sana explained. “You were covered in blood. You were slumped on a rock on your knees and…”

 Rijiin turned his head as his eyes twinkled in the light and he silenced her with a look.

“Be at peace.” Sana told him, acknowledging the look on his face with a polite and friendly smile. The blood covering Rijiin had been his own after tumbling violently through a vortex of energy, taking a beating as he fell over one hundred feet after appearing over the forest and down a rocky hill. He quickly realized they did not know what he had done and Rijiin refrained from disclosing that information until it was time.

He shuddered at the label he put on himself.

“I don’t know how I can Sana.” He thought, “If you only knew what I did through the centuries. I am a killer. I killed men women and children. I killed many in battle. How can you accept someone as I am?”

 “Did I require healing then?” Rijiin asked, and he managed a grimace when she nodded.

 “Yes, by Ash and Natil. They have that talent among us.” Sana replied. Rijiin wanted to ask who Ash was, but he refrained himself.  He raised his eyebrows in silent surprise when she mentioned Natil’s name.

 “Are you one of us?” She asked suddenly, feeling the insatiable curiosity about this stranger.

      “I am.” He said, straightening, “Rijiin L’ Theil, the Just at your service.” With that, he touched his forehead and bowed slightly.

 “Where on Earth did you come from?” Sana asked with an exasperated sigh, staring at Rijiin in silent recognition and his use of old customs of a century past.  An almost ‘déjà-vu’ feeling swept over her and she stared at the young man’s gray eyes that twinkled in the light.

“I…” Rijiin said, and suddenly stopped. He quickly contemplated his answer. “I am from all over, many different places.”
 “Are you Natil’s lover?” Sana asked, blurting out the question suddenly and he gasped loudly when she spoke the Harper’s name again. Rijiin had grimaced, feeling a flush rising up to his face. The Harper’s name and his recognition of it had been a little more than he had cared to show and his facial expression had given too much away. It had shown the young Elven woman how clearly unprepared he had been to hear that name. She had an amused smile on her face.

“That is the first time in ages I have heard that name.” He said solemnly, “But to answer your question, I… I was one of her kinfolk, and friend once but it has been a very long time. Is Natil here?”

 “She is.” Sana replied, “And worried, as we all are about you. We thought you were very close to death.”

“It is very difficult to kill an elf.” Rijiin said, echoing Varden and Terrill’s words from so long ago.

He sensed that Sana seemed to understand. An uncomfortable silence grew around them as they sat in the same room together.

    “We…?” He murmured, “I thought elves faded long ago.”

    He peered at her in wonder. He did not know of the nineteen plus elves that came to Elven-Home.

    “Do you want to go see her?” The young woman asked, turning her head to see the slight nod he had given her.  She noted the grim expression on his face, feeling his  fear. She could almost sense his reluctance to want to see the young woman he had loved so very much.

         “So, I am free to wander this place,” He asked, “…called Elven home?”

    “Of course you are. It’s not like you are under arrest or anything.” Sana replied sarcastically, “Come, I will lead you.”

As Rijiin slowly stood up, the maiden helped him to his feet. Sana steadied him, allowing the young elf to prop himself on her strong shoulder as she walked along side of him. She kept him from stumbling as they reached and navigated the main stairs. He peered at his surroundings, the plush, thick carpeting, the off-white walls, and open beamed ceilings.  He had a curious expression on his fair features and not realized the true size of this place. The traveler felt the magic that seemed to shimmer about him, just as it had four hundred years ago, also during times of conflict when he wandered through the centuries.

When they reached the large, spacious kitchen, Rijiin glanced at it in astonishment, as he did to the living space that connected to it. The kitchen was large and bright, outfitted with cheerful copper pots and pans, a modern stove and oven, a big refrigerator, gleaming counters and burnished cabinets. Beyond and down the hall and deeper in, were dark wood paneling, precise parquetry, and carpets thick as meadow grass. There were snug rooms with cushions and plants. A small fountain sitting in one alcove gurgled quietly, its soothing sound filling the air with a silver presence. Wide double-insulated windows looked out onto the trees and mountains, a courtyard, gardens…

Rijiin was staring in silence, amazed by this place. The other elves sat in the living area and here he leaned on a nearby counter. He stood there until they all were looking at him, a low surprised murmur rippled through the group and no one said anything at first, just peering at the stranger, if not a family member, in amazement.

Sana looked on in silence, a grin on her face as she studied the reactions of the other elves. She glanced at Rijiin who grimaced when he met the unfamiliar faces of the elves that came to the home. He was stunned that the old blood had changed so many and so many more than there were so many centuries ago. His eyes seemed to flash as he saw the unfamiliar faces of Becky and Mimi. Even though their faces had changed a lot from what he remembered, Rijiin sensed it was his friends from DeAnza in California.

 Both maidens equally showed surprise to see him and a smile appeared on their faces. He sensed they were extremely glad to see him alive and well. They stood up slowly. The elf smiled when he sensed Natil nearby.

Natil had been sitting in one of the many alcoves and looked up when she sensed him. Her face had a surprised expression on it and she was on her feet in a heartbeat, walking, half-running toward Rijiin.  The other elves saw Natil walking toward Rijiin, and there were smiles on many of the faces.

She stopped, however, as he bent over before them.

“I claim Hearthright.” He intoned solemnly, bending down as he touched the carpeted floor, and staggered to one side.  There was a low murmur among the elves.

Sana had gasped when he staggered and had caught him in her strong arms. Natil also gasped at hearing the words, remembering the similar happening with Mirya a long time ago.

It had been before Rijiin had come to their century and certainly a lifetime ago when Mirya had asked the elves’ help to free a midwife from the dungeons of the Inquisition. The midwife had helped her heal and had sent her to Saint Brigid. There she found change from a battered healer girl into an elf herself, thanks to Varden.

      “Well said.” Natil said as she had exhaled aloud. Her exhale had made the others focus their attention briefly toward her and back to Rijiin. The young maiden realized she echoed the same words that Varden had said in response to Mirya’s claim. She was amazed to remember that night so vividly and wondered how he knew of that night, having not arrived yet in their century.

“It is not necessary for family to claim Hearthright.” the Harper replied, her eyes misty with tears of joy “Your errand is complete Rijiin, welcome home.”

     Rijiin heard the breaking voice of his beloved Harper and turned his head to peer into her blue eyes.

    Both Natil and Sana helped him to a standing position and the Harper put her hands on his broad shoulders. Her face had a bright, warm, smile on it and she nodded her head to him. He stared at her face for a short time before he drew her into an embrace. Natil felt his centuries of loneliness fall away as he held her, kissing her passionately, almost hungrily as if they were lovers reunited after centuries apart.

Becky and Mouse watched them, as did the others, all with smiles on their faces. Low chuckles moved around the room as two minutes passed, more laughter after five minutes passed, a cough and shuffle of papers after ten minutes, a low murmur of conversation after fifteen minutes passed. Natil and Rijiin continued to hold each other in a rousing passionate kiss. TK pursed his lips and exhaled silently, casting glances to the other Elves. Laurie covered the elfling, Kelly Blue’s eyes. Heather and the Marsh exchanged uneasy looks with each other. Web was beaming with delight. Bright, Wheat and the other Elves shuffled their feet or glanced at their watches. Raven managed a whistle at the pair. A tension of uneasiness filled the air.

“Jesus, get a room you two…” Marsh joked, breaking the silence and there was sprinkled laughter.

    “Dang that’s some kiss.” Wheat observed and Laurie, smiling had nodded in agreement.

    “Yeah, no kidding…” Hadden replied, “Geeze, you’ll melt all the snow if you keep that up.”

Sporadic laughter rippled through the gathered elves. Kelly struggled in Heather’s arms and she saw what Natil and Rijiin were doing.

     “Oooooh…! They’re kissing!” The Elfling chimed in and there was great laughter that followed. Rijiin and Natil broke from their passionate kiss, both blushing a deep crimson as they laughed too. Mimi suddenly realized she was jealous of this couple as Rijiin stood beside the young Harper.

     “Nae saian luume',” He told her, “Amin sal mela lle.”

Natil gasped, hearing him speak Elfish, just as he had centuries ago.

        “You have not forgotten.” She stammered, “After all these centuries, I never thought I would hear Elfish or see you again. What happened to you? Where have you been?”

     “Aye, I took a wrong turn someplace and ended up far away from Adria after losing my way in that blizzard.” He said, “I had almost lost faith, until now. I am so glad to see you and be in your arms again.”

“I am glad you are alive and safe.” Natil told him, “Rijiin, as always playing the hero.”

She kissed him again on the lips. Natil and Sana stood with him as Becky, Mouse and the others gathered around him as chatter filled the room.

    “Welcome home Rijiin.” Becky said.

    “Yes, welcome home.” Mimi said, placing a hand on his shoulder and he met their smiling faces with an astonished, but pleased look.

“Thank you for the warm welcome.” Rijiin told them, “I am very happy to be here and in one piece.”

He paused, as he panned a slow look around Elven Home and at the others. He bowed slightly at the waist.    

“May I present, Rijiin L’ Theil, my companion from long ago.” Natil said formally with a wave of her hand, “My… err…”

“Lover, Natil?” Sana asked, and there was laughter as Natil furiously blushed.  Rijiin blushed too, but joined in the laughter.

“Hardly, more a good friend, we have known each other a long time.” The Harper replied, smiling sweetly at Rijiin who in turn smiled back.  

    “For four point three million years?” TK asked, and she turned to shake her head.

    “Rijiin and I have known each other long time, since thirteen hundred and…” Natil began and stopped.

“Be at peace, you can tell them.” Rijiin whispered and he saw her eyebrows rise upward. “They have a right to know.”

“…Thirteen hundred and fifty two, AD.” She said with a sigh, and he nodded meeting the others astonished look.

“That’s a long time.” Marsh said ominously, “Four hundred plus years.”

“Originally I came through to their time via a portal in this century and ended up in the fourteenth century, wounded, alone and half dead.” Rijiin replied, “Thanks to their magic and healing back then, I was changed into an elf by their magic. This relationship between Natil and I has been a long endured friendship.”

“I figured with my transformation into an elf, I belonged more in the fourteenth century rather than the twentieth century. The human part faded away fully when I jumped with Natil to the twentieth century using the elves magic to heal Mimi.” He told the group and there was a brief silence.

“I remember.” Mimi said thoughtfully, and she smiled at Rijiin. “I owe you a lot of thanks Rijiin.”

“Me too….” Becky chimed in.

“You are both welcome Mistress Stewart, Mistress Mc Gough.” Rijiin replied with a nod and he grinned, “Be at peace.”

“On that note….” Rijiin declared thoughtfully, as if an after thought came into his head and he paused for a moment.

    “So Natil, are you going to hand fast with me or what?” He turned his head, glancing sharply in her direction, "I love you dear Harper and want you to be with me always, until time ceases to be."

    A loud sharp yelp echoed through the large room and a hush quickly fell over it. Everyone peered at Rijiin in amazement, all the elves faces showing complete and utter stunned shock. He managed a grin. Natil, surprised as the others who now occupied the large room, stood there with her jaw hanging open at her companion from the past.

The Harper let out a silent breath as he knelt before her, taking up her hands. She sensed that he was quite prepared for what he was about to ask her. Getting over her astonishment, she blushed, teary eyed as she peered lovingly into his gray eyes.  He presented her with a box, and a very old ring that came with him through the winds of history.

Everyone held their breath as they waited for her answer.  Natil peered at the ring, made of silver, and a large half-carat diamond that was set, and the three smaller stones around it.  The Harper had tears in her eyes, lovingly peering at him, her companion from long ago and loving him so much more.

Natil, contemplated her answer during that time, having said a long time ago that she was not ready for a relationship as lovers. She had acknowledged the feelings that Rijiin had for her. It had been on an excursion with the newly transformed elf, freshly arrived from the future that they traveled together into the Aleser Mountains. They went to a place that he had found while exploring the realm and one trip she remembered vividly as it was yesterday.  

It had been a partly cloudy spring day as they walked through the forest of Malvern in silence, traveling home to Saint Brigid and the encampment of the elves from the mountains. The whole trip, the maiden had felt strangely by Rijiin, still intrigued by his presence even a year after his arrival into this century. The first thing had been the startling thoughts she had heard when he embraced her the initial time she had laid eyes upon him. The second had been the superb, passionate kiss that had followed their embrace. Natil did not know what to make of it, and of the young elf himself. The Harper glanced at her traveling companion.

“It is strange how we are getting closer and yet still so far away. He is so familiar to me but is not. Who is Rijiin L’Theil and what are his motives?”

Rijiin, even over the course of a year, had astonished them all, taking well to his new existence and transformation by their magic. Rijiin had only been to the encampment a few times and each time greeted with open arms and warmly welcomed. Natil watched him interact, and as he sat among them, and he told them of many adventures in the year he had been traveling throughout Adria.

“Where and how does Rijiin fit into everything going on right now, starting with his unexplained appearance and change into an elf.” She asked herself, “Is he truly my companion and true love?”  He startled her with his interest in music, playing for the villagers at Christmas mass. Rijiin played the carols of the season on a strange instrument he brought with him from the future. The music had been uplifting and cheerful. Nothing like anyone of the time had seen before. He played the instrument flawlessly and the music made her smile. The elf nodded to the Harper and she pulled out her harp. Together they played a duet that seemed to come effortlessly to her.

Natil shook her head in silence as Rijiin walked beside her. The youthful maiden decided to open up with a bit of chitchat hoping to learn more about her traveling companion Rijiin L'Theil. A young elf that had came to them a broken human, who had found his ending and perhaps a new beginning thanks to their magic.  

 “Diol lle a’mael, lye n’eirn nae seasu.” She said, and Rijiin walking beside her, did not turn his head. He had only grunted in response as he nodded. Natil had told him Thank you beloved that they had to do this again sometime. Rijiin shook off the images he was seeing, staring inwardly at the starlight and what seemed to be through into a different time and space. He glanced in her direction, seeing the hurt on her face, and had managed a forced smile, with a polite nod.

“Sea samin, A’mael.” He replied, taking up her hand, telling her it was very pleasant and he kissed it gently, “We shall do it again soon. I promise.”

Smiling Natil nodded, “I would like that. Ta vanima.”

     “Aye Natili,” He said, glancing to the surroundings. Rijiin smiled when he saw the familiar landmarks, and from that knew they thankfully were almost home. Natil, before she stepped onto the path with Rijiin, had stopped. She still held his hand, and it made him drop backward a step, making him turn in question. The Harper’s face colored as she looked down and smiled as she tugged on his hand, pulling his arm as she led him toward her. Natil put her arms around him in a passionate embrace.  

     “Thank you for a wonderful time.” She whispered lustily, and she drew him in close. She put her lips to his in a tender passionate kiss. Natil and Rijiin held the kiss for a lengthy time, one that was sweet and filled with a promise. He showed an expression of surprise on his fair features. After they broke, they met each other’s gaze, staring into each other’s eyes for what was a very long time.

    “Sai- seasu.” He murmured, telling her it was pleasant, “And very nice.”

“I know how you feel about me, and I wish to have a little more time.” She had told him, “I heard your wish up there too and I am very flattered and honored, but I am, alas, not ready for a relationship like that. Perhaps we can be friends for a time before we take that step. As immortals we do have all the time in the world.”

The elf, named Rijiin had wished he and Natil could be a couple, to take each other as lovers, just as it had been with Varden and Roxanne.  The elf loved her without question, back in a different time stream when he had met her as a human and even more so now that he was here among the others.

“It is if Natil will accept me.” Rijiin thought, and he grimaced, only to reply aloud, “I understand.”

Rijiin tried to force himself not to react to her statement. He did so with tact and with understanding, rather than emotion. She watched as he let a breath out, and Natil sensed he felt at ease.

“But alas, that was four hundred years ago.” The Harper thought, becoming suddenly aware of her surroundings. She wondered in today's Denver if she was ready, and the Lady had not said anything about Rijiin or the possibility of bringing them together. A lot had changed in over four centuries. She found the elves had returned to the world, the old blood awakening a few in the city of Denver and found a sanctuary in the Rocky Mountains called Elven Home. The maiden had a social security number, a driver’s license, an identity and job. Natil had found freedom to move in this century with no persecution or hatred toward the elves in the world of men.

His presence seemed to complicate her freedom, perhaps her existence and she considered right away remembering her pledge over four hundred years ago, to say no to his proposal.

    “Come on Natil, don’t keep us in suspense.”

Natil shook off her memories and turned her head from Rijiin to scan the surroundings absently, then to the other elves.  

        “I-I…” She began and her eyes moved to each of the elves meeting the surprised looks and few smiles on their faces. She sensed their acceptance to the newcomer and their thoughts. Her face carried a confused expression.

    “You need to find happiness mistress Harper.” Hadden told her, “Be sure it is what you want to do, and don’t be afraid of taking a chance.”

    “He’s a winner, Natil! Take a chance!” Sana exclaimed, smiling openly at her.

Natil felt her eyes welling with tears and she decided to take the chance of a lifetime at the encouraging words of her friend Hadden, also Sana.

Although that May 1st, was far off, the Harper knew she could still find council and wisdom from the Lady. Even perhaps renewal, if she thought she had made a grievous error.  The Harper sensed, deep down inside, that she was not making a mistake, and knew that Rijiin still loved her as strongly now, as ever before.

“Yes Rijiin, I will.” She said, and he rose to embrace her.  

    The Harper began to weep peering at her one and true love. Around them, the other elves cheered as Rijiin kissed her passionately.  

    The Elf sensed he was home, and finally had found true peace after so long wandering in history.  He let out a sigh, smiling at the weeping eyes of Natil, before kissing her on the forehead.

    "Amin mela lle, Natili…" He told her and she smiled holding him tightly.

    He put her arm around her as they sat together and Rijiin told them the stories of the close to four hundred plus years he had traveled across the world. He spoke of many events, the great evils that the world had endured, and seen in his wandering across the Earth. He mentioned the many famous people he had met, and the many battles he had fought with them. He mentioned his adventures through a war torn Europe from which he had helped and healed a sickening sight of a concentration camp within the confines of a secluded forest. He did not mention his rage on the Nazi party, responsible for the holocaust, having slain many a soldier, civilians with no mercy or compassion.

Rijiin also mentioned Adria and the many adventures of the elves, his adventures, as he explored the region with Natil and her kinfolk.

Everyone present had listened in fascination by his vivid tales, and Natil had found herself fascinated as well. She smiled when he described Terrill, Varden, Mirya, Talla, Charity and the others of Saint Brigid whom they protected. He described how many a time they would journey to the north to visit the mayor of Saint Blaise, George Darcy. Together they stayed up all night and he answered many of their questions, all smiling and laughing at the stories he told at the Harper’s expense. Some had made the Harper blush and they teased her gently, politely, about them.   

When morning came, a typical Monday came the other residents departed for their jobs in Denver. Rijiin was alone at the home, and he sat in an alcove, staring at the fair amount of snow covering the ground after last night’s storm. Here, Rijiin wandered the property, and the home. He donned his long gray cloak, as he held his sheathed blade and disappeared into the forest outside. He did not venture too far from the home, but he did find a great overlook from which he stared out across the snow-covered forest below.

Rijiin suddenly found himself reminded of Adria, as he walked among the trees and thought of a similar the place he brought Natil. A special place where they shared many a sunrise and sunset together, wrapped in each other’s arms.

Here he drew his blade easily as he practiced the forms from his training in martial arts, and the fighting dance of the elves. He moved easily, the same as he had centuries ago, slashing, dodging and blocking.  The motions seemed to come easy for him too, just as they had four hundred years ago and he felt the energy flowing freely through him.

Hours passed quickly, and Natil arriving at the home first, discovered he was missing. Walking into the forest, she searched and found him easily. He sat on a flat rock with his legs crossed, his eyes closed as he focused upon the stars he thankfully saw in the darkness. He sensed her approach.

 “Rijiin…?” She said and opening his eyes, he turned his head, smiling at the young Harper.  She had a worried expression on her face.

      “I was just checking up on you.” She said, “Are you alright? What are you doing out here?”

“I am just enjoying the view…" He replied pointing to the spectacular view in front of him on the western horizon. A view where the sun began to set, arrayed in deep crimson reds, spectacular burnt orange, golden yellows and a sinister purple color array. Shadows fell over the snow-covered forest below.  

Natil managed a quiet laugh, but became solemn as she stared at the sunset, suddenly reminded of the Aleser Mountains where they shared a similar romantic moment between them. Rijiin put his arms around her to hold her after she sat beside him.  He kissed the back her neck, holding her against him. She felt the warmth of his breath on her neck.

    “Just like we did before in Adria,” He remarked, “A different era and time, but the same glorious sunset. Remember?”

    She managed another laugh, “I do indeed, and it is just as glorious as the first time we watched it together.”

    “It was the one thing I missed in four hundred years.” Rijiin told her and she turned her head, shadowed by the sun as she peered into his eyes, “To share a sunset and a sunrise with my beloved companion and lover. It is also great to be alive.”

The Harper’s face showed an expression of surprise and loving admiration.

    “The one thing I regret, though,” Rijiin replied and he grimaced. Her face had a curious expression on it.

    “And what is that beloved?”

    “I should have played it safe and not have tried to be a hero. You know, always trying to save the day all the time.” He said, “I should have camped and waited out the storm. If I had done that, I would have been still with you. You would not have been alone.”

Tears showed in her eyes, not of sorrow, but of joy and love. Here the elf maiden had embraced him, holding him close.

“I love you so much, so much more like I did back in the Renaissance period with the others.” She said and their lips touched. He nibbled her earlobe and her neck making her gasp and giggle.

“I love you too.” He said, “Always have and always will. In this time or back in the fourteenth century. I loved you, even while I wandered alone in history without starlight and the goddess. You are my life, and my truest love. I am not going to let you go this time that is a promise.”

“As you are to me,” Natil said, holding him as she let his hands wander. She smiled as their hands caressed each other. She moaned as she felt him caress her ample bosoms and they found each other stripping, ignoring the cold as they made love for the first time under a thick pine, the sounds of passion echoing through the woods.

After they were finished, they both sat together, wrapped in his cloak as they watched the sun continue to sink onto the western horizon, the sky deepening with darker crimson red, orange fire, and a deeper purple array. They watched the night sky filled with stars until a stiff cold wind made it unbearable. Together they dressed quickly and walked hand-in-hand back to Elven Home. Both entered to smile at Mimi and Becky who had arrived, staring at them in wonder as they came through the door giggling.

“Are you both alright?” Becky asked, “We were about to call Hadden and the others to come find you.”

“Oh we’re fine.” Rijiin said, “We were just watching the sunset and the stars together, Right Natil?”

“Oh yea,” Natil replied, as Mouse and Becky both exchanged a glance at each other, sharing a smile between them. Both had laughed as the couple, their friends adjourned holding hands to one of the many alcoves and there they remained together cuddled in each other’s arms. They both peered out at the skylight at the stars that burned clear and cold in the sky above the home, murmuring thanks to Becky who handed them two cups of steaming cocoa. Natil and Rijiin tapped their mugs together.

“Manea.” Becky replied, smiling as she backed out of the alcove and turned to walk toward Mimi who had watched the whole exchange.

“Holy shit, did you see that?” Becky asked, and Mouse managed a nod.

“I did and this is all starting to become very weird.” Mimi replied and both shot another look across the living area to the alcove where Rijiin and Natil both sat together, his arms around her. The elf kissed her neck as he held her. They did not know what to make of the whole event or situation.

As the months followed, there were many preparations made for Natil and Rijiin to be hand fasted in the traditions of elves. They planned a meal for a banquet, the chair seating arrangement, and the decorations for the ceremony itself. The elf worked on the invitations, quickly doing them on a computer and he wrote in Elfish on each one with a strong hand of calligraphy.

No’ i’- minquea ea asta, i’- ratsea re, e’ i’- yen en’ i’- aman arwen, nertenen randa nae nertenen, kinta sinomed, kam- i’- canwae i’- Natili Carnesir en Denveri nae Rijiini Singollo en Maverni.

Lye aldarion meneldur lle a’ saragon e’ i’- gal-, no’ i’- enque ea asta, ratsea re, e’ i’- yen en’ i’- aman arwen, nertenen lempe nae nertenen enque ae’ Treestari e’ Deveray Coloradai.”

      “On the eleventh month, the fourteenth day, in the year of the Blessed Lady, nineteen hundred and ninety five, hereby make the announcement of Natil Summerson of Denver and Rijiin L’Theil of Malvern’s engagement and wedding.

    We cordially invite you to share in the celebration, on the sixth month, fourteenth day, in the year of the blessed Lady nineteen ninety six at Tree star in Denver Colorado.”

As Rijiin worked on the invitations, Natil popped in to check on him and she had peeked over his shoulder as he hand designed more of the unique invitations. The maiden had gasped openly at the large stack that now sat on the table next to him. She was about to leave with a few of the other residents of the home and travel to Denver to try on gowns for the event that was to come. A pleased look brightened her face when saw the finished invitations, and the envelopes that Rijiin had created. The maiden embraced him with tears in her eyes.

“It is perfect beloved.”  She said, “I love it.”

 The others clustered around her as they peered at the invitations, and exchanged dubious looks between them.
“You have not forgotten the old ways.” She said, “You do us honor Rijiin, and the Lady.”

“I am glad you like it.” Rijiin said, glancing at the group who was walking to the door.

“So where you all off to,” He asked, and Natil paused at the door.

“We’re off to try on gowns.” Natil replied, winking at Rijiin who nodded silently.

“You are going to be a magnificent bride, mistress Harper.” Hadden told her, “It almost makes me want to take Ash and do this with you.”
“You know Hadden, that’s not a bad idea.” Rijiin suggested, “A double wedding would be really cool. Mister and Missus Hadden and Ash Morrison, it does not have a bad ring to it.”

A sprinkle of laughter rippled through the group next to Rijiin and Natil.

The young elf known as Ash, smiled quietly at Hadden’s words and chuckled at Rijiin’s agreement to the idea. She winked at Hadden before she turned to follow Sana, Wheat, Laurie, Kelly, Bright, Raven, Fox and Heather out of the door. Rijiin turned and opened a cabinet nearby, withdrawing bottles from inside it. The elf smiled, when he spied the label in the cabinet and something he had been holding onto for a long time.

Turning the other bottles, he dug out the other ragged labeled bottles. Here, he grabbed several glasses and set them in the center of the table as, Hadden, Marsh, TK, Dell, Allesandro, Web, and Tristan joined him.

“We should take you out, you poor soul.” Marsh said, “Married life, sheesh, and with someone so young.”

Their laughter echoed the living area as several bottles sat in the middle of the table.

“I know, but this romance has been going on for a very long time, there is not a day that I wandered the earth and fought in many battles that I did not think of Natil.” Rijiin said quietly, “I knew I had to keep moving and find my way. It seemed to keep my sanity. The Lady did just that, she helped me find my way back to her and I am fortunate to find her again. This time I am not going to let her slip away.”

Rijiin poured a crimson liquid from a dusty bottle into the glasses.

“Hear… Hear…”

“So what do you have there Rijiin?”

“Something I have kept for such a special occasion.” Rijiin replied, holding up the glass to examine the crimson liquid in a brandy glass that he had in front of him.

The elf in the last couple of months had traveled back to his place in the woods, the very one that he had left behind a long time ago. He recovered many things, taking them back with him to his new home. Rijiin had a treasure trove of antiques that spanned several centuries that he brought back and shipped by air - freight container to the states. He now stood among his friends with his glass in his hand.

    “Brandy produced in 1783.” He said, “A good year, 1783. Mozart wrote his first mass, the McDuffie brothers went up in their first balloon. England recognized the Independence of the United States.”

There was a long silence, a pause as the others glanced at each other, unsure what to make of this strange toast. Rijiin quoted words from a movie he knew quite well called ‘Highlander’ and the words of Conner McCloud. His life had certainly been like that movie, living many secret lives and a life that spanned through the many centuries in solitude with no sign of the Lady or the power of the elves.  

He certainly had surprised them all with the antiques he had brought back from Europe that were probably worth a small fortune for what they were. A whole part of a back room was converted and setup just for Rijiin, dedicated to the claymores, armor, shields, pictures and other artifacts that he collected throughout the centuries. It is a fortress of solitude for Rijiin where he could work on his writing, sitting at a solid oak desk in corner of the room. Otherwise, it was large enough to allow him to exercise with his blade, or meditate.

    “Really,” Marsh said, “Quite sure are we?”

Rijiin glanced at him with a knowing smile on his face. Hadden and the others had silent grins on their faces. They realized where the quote and toast had come from. It seemed to be fitting for how long Rijiin had wandered across the face of the world.

“Yes.” Rijiin replied, “I am quite sure.”  

He raised the glass and he sipped at the superb drink. The others followed suit. Marsh coughed after sipping the crimson liquid.

“Holy Christ, that’s smooth.” He croaked, and there was laughter among the group. Rijiin smiled broadly at the hilarity and the jokes that followed.

“Ah what’s the matter Marsh, not man enough for a little brandy?” Hadden joked, “I guess when it comes to hand fasting time we will have to have a supply of milk on hand just for him.”

 Laughter followed through the group, making light of the moment. Marsh of course, laughed too grinning ear to ear.

“How old is this brandy anyway?” Dell asked and Rijiin turned, taking another sip.

“About two hundred and five years old.” Rijiin replied, “I was in England at the time.”

“Wow.” TK gasped, taking a sip, “Man this is some good stuff. I like your style Rijiin.”

Rijiin smiled and bowed slightly. They stood around toasting and drinking as he remembering many time he had traveled the world over. There was always one thing he cherished most, what lay ahead with his beloved Harper. He could not say he was wrong.

    A couple of months passed quickly into January without incident, and within those months, Rijiin and Natil became almost inseparable. Rijiin was not far from Natil, taking up a job at Kingsley College working with computers as a Tech Support staff member on campus. He was in charge of field support on campus for the many PC’s and other platforms used by staff members and students on campus.

The maiden dined many a lunch with her companion and they did so as a couple. During their break, most times, they sat in a secluded park like area on campus and they went to the Lady often utilizing the old ways. He also knew that the elves of Denver were just now seeing starlight and the Lady and only recently had been able to go meet her, as the first borne elves had been able to.

Rijiin held his arm around his beloved Harper’s waist as they walked onto the campus of Kingsley every day. They stood outside her shack as they held each other, staring into each other’s eyes a long time before they kissed.

“By our Lady, I love you.” Rijiin said, touching her cheek and she flushed a bit.

“As do I my love.”
“I’ll see you here at five.” He told her, smiling and nodded shortly, “We can have lunch whenever you like.”

“I’d like that beloved.” Natil replied as she stared at him. He nodded and turned to walk toward the Aylesberg Hall, the Administration building on campus.

She still could not believe he was here, walking among them, alive and well after a long time apart. The Harper examined him, staring at his tight, hard, muscular buttocks, his narrow waist and ripped abs and arms. She found herself blushing, realizing what she was doing. Natil was checking him out. The maiden suddenly realized fully she was madly in love, more so as the days and weeks progressed.

    They dined in the cafeteria near the student union on campus at twelve o’clock. As they pushed open the glass door, many voices echoed the room where a sea of tables lay before them and many people sat at those tables. The room itself is rather large, with large windows letting the bright light spill into the room. It reminded Rijiin of another college that was far away from here, called De Anza College in Cupertino, CA. It is a place after he received his Associate’s Degree that he spent some time taking classes to further his career in Information Technology.  It is here he met Robert and Mimi to become fast friends with them. Natil and Rijiin navigated the tables quickly and headed to the Sandwich Corner.

    “Lunch is on me beloved.” Rijiin told the Harper and Natil managed a smile as he met the stare of the middle-aged Hispanic woman who stood behind the counter. She is dressed in white from head to toe. She wears a stained apron and her hands she wears plastic gloves. The woman has long black hair, neatly put up under a hairnet.

    “What can I getcha?” She asked and he pondered a moment glancing at the menu.

    “I’ll take a pastrami combo, number one.” He said, “Everything but jalapenos on it please, and hold the mayo.”  

    “I’ll take a ham and turkey sandwich combo.” Natil told her, and the woman scribbled down the order quickly. She handed it off to another person and Rijiin turned to cast a long sweeping gaze to the cafeteria.

    “Busy place today…” Rijiin casually commented and Natil turned to scan the surroundings, “It reminds me of another college a long time ago.”

    “Ah yes, De Anza wasn’t?” Natil asked and he nodded.

    “Yes, you have a fine memory Natil.” He told her with a grin, “A place I miss sometimes, but for those times, I would have rather spent it with you in the fourteenth century.”

 He turned as a plate containing his sandwich was passed into his hands. Another plate was handed to Natil. Large cups, turned upside down, sat on their trays and silverware lay discarded next to it. When they reached the cashier an older woman quickly punched buttons on the computerized cash register.

    “That will be nine dollars.” She told Rijiin and he handed her a ten-dollar bill. The register beeped quietly as the drawer opened and she handed him back the change.  He put the change in a container on the counter that was for the cure for Cerebral Palsy.

“Ironic they have something for C.P.” Rijiin thought, thinking of Mimi before her transformation from a human to an elf. She went to school here part time and she worked in Denver not far from here. Turning they navigated the room again.

    “It looks like there is very little room here beloved.” Rijiin told her and she nodded. Together they made their way to the fountain drink counter and they both filled up the large cups. He pointed to a nearby table where there were two open seats. Taking a seat, they put their trays down. As they ate, between bites, they talked about their hand fasting, ironing out a few details that had come to Rijiin’s mind. Natil liked the idea for Marsh’s band to play for the hand fasting, and Hadden to walk her down the aisle. Natil blushed at the thought and smiled openly at the suggestion.

    “Have you asked him?” Natil asked and Rijiin nodded.

    “He was all geeked out about it.” Rijiin replied, and he smiled when Natil laughed quietly.

    “I thought he might.” The Harper replied, “Who is going to officiate our hand fasting?”

    “That’s the last thing I am working on.” Rijiin replied, “Don’t worry I have something in mind.”

Natil smiled, tears welling up as she leaned forward to kiss him.

    “Oh dear lady, Time to get back to work,” He told her, “I will see you at five at your shack.”

Standing they embraced and he departed while Natil glanced at her hand where she wore the ring that he had given her when he had proposed, arriving at Elven Home. The Harper found herself stunned by the beauty of its setting and the unique shape of it.

“He must have paid a fortune for it.” She thought, walking toward her shed.

Little did she know that it was a gift from an Arch Duke around sixteen hundred and forty. Natil walked into the shed, and put the ring in a safe place before gathering up the tools needed to clear the snow that accumulated on the walk that came down in thick flakes. She pull started the motor of her tractor and hopping up into the seat to proceed to lower the scoop and plow away the snow.

Like clockwork at five, they met up at her shack, embracing each other before they walked together to the bus stop that would take them west into the mountains and together they hiked to the home, hand-in-hand with Mimi and Becky who joined them on the bus to the last stop. It reminded Natil a lot of Adria, their adventures together as they traveled the realm and that overlook Rijiin had found in his travels in the region.  

“Just like that overlook near the Home.” Natil thought and she smiled quietly to herself at the pleasurable memories of the past and now future they would be sharing together as husband and wife.  

Another month and a half passed quickly, like clockwork and more preparations were on the way for their wedding.

Rijiin found himself in downtown Denver, and outside a travel agency. He had just been walking by when he spied the two glass display cases that dominated the brick wall of the building. They are both on the outside of a narrow heavy plate glass door between them, the window covered with brochures of exotic places to travel. The elf smiled as he watched the television in the window for a moment and looked at the brochures on the cloth-covered surface beside it.

The display, decorated with a lawn chair, swimming goggles, and an umbrella sits in the middle of the glass display. He laughed when he saw a ducky swim float next to the lawn chair. He stared at many of the brochures in silence.

“Hey this is a great honeymoon idea, take her on a cruise.” Rijiin thought to himself, and yet he balked at the overpriced numbers for each trip, “It’s not going to be cheap that’s for sure.”

He noted there were so many to choose. He glanced up at the sign: ‘Rocky Mountain Travel Agency.’ He turned his attention back to the display.

Rocky Mountain Travel Agency  - Cruise Lines

Hawaii Cruise (7day/6 night) - $2,150 per person
Bahamas Cruise – $429 per person
Caribbean Cruise - $1166 per person (5 day/4 night)
Alaska Cruise - $1520 per person (7 day/6 night)
Australia Cruise - $826 Per Person (7 day/6 night)
S. American Cruise – 3,100 Per Person (7 day/6 night)

Still intrigued he stepped to the other side where a lot of photos and official itinerary for a private yacht for a Mexican Rivera trip for two. He read the brochure tacked to a cloth covered background with silver thumbtacks and as he read more, he found himself interested by the display.

Mexican Rivera Cruise: - Sun Cruises Ltd.

Come and travel with us to the exotic ports de Mexico. A fun filled all-inclusive trip to south of the border for 7 days/6 nights from the Port of Los Angeles.

Just $1500.00 for a party of two. (Round trip ticket.) Amenities include

Fine Dining                   Casino
Floor Shows                Full Buffet
Comedy Club            Deep Sea Fishing Excursion
Paragliding Excursion           Full Cocktail Lounge
Online Business Center                       Gift Shop
Laundry Service        Private Beach Party Excursion
Snorkeling/Scuba Excursion               Golf Excursion     Onboard Gym

Ports include San Diego, Encinitas, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Acapulco (Airfare not included).

“Now that is something we can do for our honeymoon.” Rijiin told himself, and he grinned, stepping aside for a person on a bike to pass before he moved toward the doorway. He pushed the heavy plate glass door open and a bell sounded.

A young woman appeared from the back room. She is perhaps in her thirties and she was dressed in white pants, a striped shirt, and a blue denim jacket. The woman has a pleasant round face, brown/blond hair and blue eyes. She wore a nametag on the jacket that read ’Julie.’ He immediately thought of the ‘Love Boat TV Show’ and he grinned. Julie McCoy had been the Cruise director character aboard the ship where they filmed it.

“My name is Julie, may I help you?” She asked and Rijiin picked up the brochure for the Mexican Rivera Cruise.

“Yes, I’d like to purchase tickets for this cruise. My fiancé and I are getting married soon and I thought this would be a splendid honeymoon.”

“Oh! Congratulations. Yes, it is a great and affordable trip along the California and Mexican Coast down to Baja California, Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. It is a popular cruise during the Red season, high traffic and during Spring Break.”

“Sounds interesting with all the amenities it offers.” Rijiin told her and she nodded.

 “This in particular trip offers a lot of excursions with it, inclusive. You will have a wonderful time. You can also elect to go on excursions from the ship when it is in port. It ranges from Horse back riding in the Sierra Madre, Snorkeling/Scuba excursion off the Mariana Island, Deep Sea Fishing in Baja, or have a private Beach party on a beach near the Mariana Island. There is a lot to do during the trip.”


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