I Miss You

"The distances will not tear our beating hearts apart. The states cannot separate our love. Miss me when you see every sunset and moon, and I'll do the same too."


Amaya looked at moon and sun everyday seeing his haunting face every time. Until one day at the foot of the school stood the very by that broke and mended her heart;Calum Hood.


1. Hello There

His hand clenched against my wrist almost to the point of breaking it. Sadness clouded his eyes as he have me a wry grin. "I love you, Ama, I really do." He rasped in a low voice. His fingers intertwined with mine as we faced our last sunset together.

I didn't want him to move to Australia, I wanted him here with me in Los Angeles. Holding my hand and giving me goodnight kisses.

As he peppered me with kisses my heart started to cry a bit. My lips quivered and my hands buried inside his fluffy hair. Inhaling his sweet spearmint scent I started to remember how I ended up here. In love with Cal.

Walking pass the tables, I balanced the hot bowl of rice in my hand. Being a waitress was hard work especially working all day in my cotton dress uniform. Maneuvering passed tiny children I stood towered over a boy with a menu covering his face. Soon, he lowered his menu revealing him. Warm brown eyes, dark brown fluffy hair, and a smug smirk.

"Your rice." I said, slowly placing down the bowl of rice. Suddenly, the bowl slipped beneath my clumsy fingers and hurdles towards the guy. My mouth went agape as I began to swear under my breath. There sitting at a table either steaming white rice on him, the guy just had a mischievous glint in his eyes. "I'm so sorry!" I quickly apologized reaching for a towel.

"No it's perfectly fine." He smiled and soon stole another bowl of rice from the waitress. She gave him a stare, but he ignored her. Turning to me he tipped the bowl purposely over my body. Hot rice began to collide into my skin. I gasped. "Now we're even."

"Calum not again!" A voice called from the outside.

"Until again," he paused staring at my name tag,"Amaya, until again."

That's how it all began the heart ache and fate. Now I'm stuck here in the dust of pain waiting for it go away.

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