Limited Wonders -A Full Compilation of my Poetry-

A full collection of my poems on here, so you won't have to swap book to book looking for a good poem. :)

0Me gustan

1. Chapter One

Heart of snow


The rain is falling

the birds are calling

outside of my open door

I sit inside

I forgot all pride

but longed for a heart of snow.


My soul grows weary

my thoughts are dreary

inside of my mind so old

though I am not aged

I am my body's cage

I long for a heart of snow.


I walk halls each day

dismiss all delay

Just try to be on time

I keep every class

I pass when I pass

I still look for my heart of snow.


This messed up world


This messed up world

full of cheats and liars

say they're truthful

well their pants are on fire.


This messed up world

everythings out of whack

They say just to sprint

they just ran off the track.


This messed up world

some go, some stay

all thinking its for the best

each going their own wrong way.


This messed up world

war is threatened and stabbed

while walls go down, more walls go up

each having their own shade of bad.


This messed up world

it spins round and round, tick tock

we try to try, we hope it’s fine

oops, we just smashed the clock.


What clouds deserve


The sparkle of the clouds

the dull gleam of the lake

the texture of windswept grass

the spires of trees

the soft sheen of the stones

all deserve much, much better

than us pumping oil and gas.


Our skies start to cloud

our lake starts to die

those fields of grass are gone

the trees have no leaves

broken stones litter streets

all from our bad decisions

but now we’re all gone, hence the bones.


Just one day


I once went away for a day

just to wipe all my cares away

I was discouraged, angered

my trip had become one of danger

my trip that was once for the better

had turned into one fueled by bitter.


I had gone out for a day

but here, I might just stay

this place I found with much less stress

much less anger, and duress

my trip that was once for a day

well, here, I think I’ll stay.


I remembered for a day

he place from which I’d came

the soft clouds

the long grass

I might miss my friends and cat

‘cause here I don’t have that.


I forgot for just one day

now I know I can’t just stay

My life is day by day

no change, not okay

and where before I was looking for peace

now I look for my place.


I found it the next day

everything wiped away

my friends, my cat

they just weren’t that

they didn’t exist

Cause I couldn’t resist.


My insane limerick


Limera, limera, rick

the gears spin on, tock tick

are these poems insane

is that my name

limera, limera, rick.


Limera, limera, rick

my mind, it might be sick

these writings I scrawl

up there on the wall

limera, limera, rick.


Limera, limera, rick

my feet, they have to be quick

I run and run

unravel, undone

limera, limera, rick.


These walls


These walls that encase me

these gray slabs of stone

the castle walls contain me

and keep me from my home.


My home is not my house

it is where my heart is

so when my heart splits and moves away

I have no place to go.


Theses walls that describe me

some tapestries, tall and wide

these huge dark walls surround me

yet here is where I hide.


Why do I hide

from those devils and beasts

those demons have come from inside me

and still they never do cease.


These walls have become my home

my refuge from horror, and stress

these walls that could be my nightmares

they’ve started to become my best.


What it seems


My hand drags across an empty paper

feeling, not seeing

my eyes are perfect and untouched

I’d prefer to stay blind

I see the world just how it is

and wish to get away forever

I see the ¨fun¨ the ¨cool¨ the ¨good¨

I know what they don’t see, or should

I see the dark places

ones no one bothers to notice

I see the birds, the cats, the fish

and know, I’d rather lose all focus

on dreams and life and in-between

‘cause nothing is how we want it to seem.




People say it’s raining cats and dogs

no, it’s raining teenage tears

the people have been ignorant

all while our worst of years

we weep and cry, until some die

and people stand in shock

the people that could have saved them

they stand, then resume to walk

they could have saved us

they could be better

but they care more about the weather

than all those people big and small

those people that could change the world

well, you could save us all.




Am I alone

are you with me

do I have your support when I say

that I want to leave


Am I alone

will you come with me

would you commit to live with me

when I find a new place to start


Am I alone

or are can you save me

from my fears, my tears

as they fall through the next gate


Am I alone

or will you help and lighten

my burden that weighs heavy

one of loneliness and death


Am I alone

can you be with me

can you help, help me please

I need to be released


Why am I alone

why did you leave me

why would you do this

and leave me to be with me


Now I’m alone

no one to help and keep me

no one to save or love me

no one to be with me, to fill my void




I’m falling

falling into this pit

this pit of sadness

I cry for help

but no one hears me.


I’m falling

past everything I know

this pit with walls of black

just this pit, no going back

I fall, no light to be seen.


I’m falling

falling, everything’s gone

I thought that I should be alone

but now in this hole of dark and black

I know that I should have turned back.


Now you greet me


Now you greet me

now you don’t

our friendship went up in smoke

I see you almost every day

you never care to do, or say

you walk right by

without a glance

I see you look

at the opposite wall

just in order to avoid me

whether lunchroom, class, or hall

I see you laugh,

your group of friends

yet I still try

to make amends

I watch you speak

with some of my mates

and feel myself shiver

I still won’t hate

no matter all the hurt, or the tears

I still will love you

for many years

I see you glance

then look away

my eyes tear up

because I know

It might stay this way.




Walk by walls

all I know gone

walk by walls

my hope is in my home

walk by walls

to try and find my love

walk by walls

knowing it has left me


Take down walls

please, I need you

take down walls

I need to hear

take down walls

why you forsook me

take down walls

I can’t stand much more


fall by walls


fall by walls

need help

fall by walls

no one to save me

fall by walls





The drums pound in my head

trying to force me

to express my emotions

anger, sadness, envy

faster, faster

they resonate through my mind

forcing me to listen

to every word

my eyes begin to glisten

the words that have been spoken

have torn much more than my mind

I try to turn

to look away

I need to live

and know another day

I see her walk right past me

my eyes cast down

my face shows a smile

my mind, weighed with the saddest frown

I walk the other direction

I turn the other cheek

but I know, as one of many

how my emotions leak

I sit, alone

in the darkness of my mind

wishing for a friend

someone to show

they love me

some one that is willing

to stay for eternity.




No time to talk

for can’t you see

I’m not in need of company


Don’t make me laugh

don’t make me cry

right now I just won’t bat an eye


I just need to write

I need to express

I’m not even sure if I could say yes


I can’t stand much

or not for long

I know this isn’t, my best song


I’m not good a poetry

not the best at art

but I have tried to give you my heart


Don’t turn your cheek

don’t look away

I want to know another day.


All I am


All I am is limited

whatever you do see

wherever you look, or not

I'm not, or should I, be

people talk to me

like I'm a work of art

but the quality isn't in the masterpiece

it's in the one who created it.


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