The shooting

This is the story about a 12 yrs-old who witnessed a shooting of her best friend and saw the shooter herself. After her best friend's funeral, she became a thug, nut what happens to her life? No on knows until now

0Me gustan

2. What's going to happen next?

Pasaron tres anos, I was walking to the store, I saw the bastard who murder Luna, he smiled for a minute hasta que Rob puso su brazo alrededor de mi, then he saw the butterfly knife in my pocket. He drove off quickly, when Carlos got a called from the gang, he said "Hey Rob, we need you at the meeting," Rob me dio un beso en la frente, then I walking to Sonic to buy a drink. I was walking back Luna's house, like 3 blocks away from her house, the bastard asked "Can you show me where the mall is?" I said "Sure," I went to the driver side, then I said "here, you're going to take a left on this street, then turn left again, then straight for a few miles, on your right, the mall is right there." he looked at me, he said "How old are you?" I looked at him coldly, then I asked "Why?" He said "cause that boy looked a little older for you," I started to laugh, I flipped him off, then he got so pissed off. I started to ran, he pulled out a gun, he started shooting at me, a bullet went in my shoulder, I fell to my knees, I called Rob, Rob said "HELLO," I said "ROB, I'VE BEEN SHOT," Rob said " WHAT!!!" I said "IT'S THE SAME BASTARD, ROB IT'S HIM!" He took the phone away from me, then he said "BYE, SHE'S MINE NOW!" He started to to kick me, I started to cry and scream.

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