The shooting

This is the story about a 12 yrs-old who witnessed a shooting of her best friend and saw the shooter herself. After her best friend's funeral, she became a thug, nut what happens to her life? No on knows until now

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1. The true vida

When I was only 12, my best friend was shot by un gringo, she died en frente de mi, los homeboys got in their lowriders and went after the bastard. My name is Belinda a.k.a "Lady Joker", when the cops came by where I was with her, they asked so many questions, I told nothing since the homeboys were chasing him in the streets. She was only 15 yrs-old, she had a kid and was married, the cops took us to the hospital. When the doctors took her in to the surgery room and check if I was okay, Doc said "She's going to be alright," the cops said "that's great, you will be okay, kid." I didn't answer, when doc came out of the surgery room, he said to us "Lo siento, tu hija no lo hacen a traves de la cirugia," everyone started to cry, Rob went out to find the bastard, I went after him. I tried to stop him, until he pushed me, 3 cops saw and was going to arrested him, I told them "I'm fine," Carlos looked at us, Rob said "I promise to you y Luna that I will track down this bastard until my last breath is gone." I looked in his eyes, I said "I don't want to lose you too, cuz," he hugged me, Carlos asked "Asi que lo que vameos a hacer?" I said "I don't know but ne pedemos decir Lil Angel sobre lo pasara con Luna."

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