The shooting

This is the story about a 12 yrs-old who witnessed a shooting of her best friend and saw the shooter herself. After her best friend's funeral, she became a thug, nut what happens to her life? No on knows until now

0Me gustan

3. The bastard

Few hours passed, he was making play dress up, while he was looking for a 'prefect' dress for me, I pulled out my butterfly knife, I stabbed him. I ran to the front door, I saw a lowrider, it was Carlos's ride, I screamed, then the homeboys looked out the window. They saw me getting beat down by the motherfucker, they rushed out and kicked down the door, he ran through the back door. The bastard was in the wind again, I was in the hospital, me and my family went to Maimi, Florida. Every week, Rob would call me, but today, he didn't. This time it was Carlos, I said "HELLO" he said "BELINDA, ROB GOT SHOT!" I was pissed off, my brother took the phone away from me, he said "CARLOS, WHAT'S UP?" Carlos started to tell us what happened to Rob, I got some money from my saving account and flew back to L.A. I started to track the bastard down, when I saw him, I pulled out a gun and starting shooting. The cops came, I was holding the gun to his head, he said "Please have mercy," I said "I don't show fucking mercy on your ass!!" Lt. Perez said "Let's calm down, Belinda," I looked at him then I almost pulled the trigger, but I smacked him with the handle of the gun so hard, he was bleeding.

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