Leather Binding

My third installment in my poetry novel series. I hope you like it!

(Don't judge this book by it's cover, I had to sort of scratch up this one.) XP

1Me gustan

1. Authors Note

(Before I start, I have to say, I lost this poem before, I had to rewrite it from memory, which isn't all that great, so even if it's not the same and as good as it used to be, I hope you still like it.)


I open a book

the leather binding

I dare to look

cracking, in use again

I found this tome

I sit on a bench

alone in a home

shade from a branch

And now I open

this book that’s magic

the words unspoken

to think this was in an attic

I turn the page

I see the writing

the paper yellow with age

introductions, the beginning

I see a note

to listen carefully

¨If you ever need to stay afloat

the answer is found easily

all you need is a friend¨

I look for more

too bad that’s the end

but instead of before

where I just sat and read

now I have something

to keep up in my head

I walk in the door, a bell ringing

I put the book down

on my desk

where I was going to drown

now I have a life vest.

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