Por Vida

This is about a girl who's in a most dangerous gang called 'L.A. Jokers', she's a cold-blooded killer who doesn't let anyone who gets in her or the gang's way.

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1. The real vida

Hola, I'm in un gang llama "L.A. Jokers," everyone is so scared except por los mexicanos. My name is Jade Perez a.k.a "Shorty". Hora, un gringa perra came up to yo y mi homegirls, this pinche gringa had the guts to come up to us. She wanted us to go somewhere else, I said "Esta puta want to2 anos pasado, el same pierra y su hermana was talking to my man, I went to them y said "Hey puta, por que eres que esta halbado con mi man?!" This puta looked at Pedro, then me miro, y she said "I could make more love than she can," I pushed her. Then she started to lanzar golpes a mi, I started to golpeado en la perra, then yo le tire en el suelo, she took me by my shirt, I took it off. I had on a a muscle shirt on, I started to kick he, then su hermana saw me beating the crap out of her, she jumped me, then I started to swinging on both their asses. I left them on the ground bleeding, y they were crying por their mami.

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