Por Vida

This is about a girl who's in a most dangerous gang called 'L.A. Jokers', she's a cold-blooded killer who doesn't let anyone who gets in her or the gang's way.

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5. La carta

Pedro vio la carta y comenzo a leerla, it said "Pedro, los seinto tuve que dejar cuz la policia se entero sobre el plan, por lo que tivo que deshacerse de ellos dejando pistas de eustedes." Pedro fue a la casa de Shorty para mostrarle la carta, she started to read it then she asked "Que vamos a hacer?" Pedro shrugged y tried to figure it out where I was leading the cops, then Pedro remember that I would come back to an old working building that was abandoned por tres anos. Finalmente, cuando los policias encontraron el edifio, me vieron emplazamiento justo al lado de un viejo escitorio desangrandose. They started searching around the building for the bomb but they didn't find anything, a detective went to check if I had a pulse, which I did. 

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