BFF or BF (5sos)

Two 17 year old girls called Nafseen and Nabeeha are best friends, and have been ever since they were 4. They live in Australia and are friends with 5 Seconds Of Summer! The two girls are crushing on the same person, from 5SOS. what will happen? Read the story to find out........ enjoy!


1. chapter 1

 Nafseen's P.O.V 

 Texting Group Chat: Luke, Calum, Michael, Ashton, Nafseen, Nabeeha.....

Ash: it's my birthday, it's my birthday, I'm gonna spend my money.... Luke why can't we come back home. I don't wanna see my ex again! She's flipping dating my brother.

Luke: Because ur mum wants you to go round to her's for a special breakfast apparently and booked u and mike a hotel room for a few hours. U'll only see her for about 2-3 hours it's not like ur there all day.

Nafs: Happy Bday, Ash. Luke What time shall me and nabz come round?

 Luke: Whenever you want, no rush, btw call me.

 Cal: You must come before 15 hundred hours, you get me! (3pm)

 Nabz: LOL Cal I'm literally cry laughing! Even though it's not funny.

 Nafs: Yeah

 Ash: And why can't we come round!

 Mike: Yeah, why can't we come round? Why do they get to go!

 Cal: Because ur mum wants to see u and they're allowed you get it! Also you guys are probz stylin' you're hair or something so it'll take u long anyway and you'll miss half the party.

 Ash: Hey, hey, hey, what do ya mean, I'm stylin' my hair, Mike's colouring his hair!

 Nafs: again, what colour? Wait how, ur in a hotel.

 Mike: I got skills. And the equipment. I'm doing it how I had it in the Good girls video, most fans liked that more than every other colour or colours I had, plus I kinda like it too. 

 Nafs: Gotta go, good luck with your hair Mikey! Be round your house in about half and hour!

Nabs: Wait I need more time! Gimme an hour.

Nafs: okay, but hurry up in the make up room, just because a tiny smudge appeared under your eye doesn't mean you have to do the whole make up look again. I said to just wipe it with a tissue gently. Tip number 8 remember.

Cal: lol nabs I never thought you loved make up so much.

Nabs: I don't! Nafs made me watch make up tutorials and hair tutorials last night until we literally knocked out on the boxes scattered around my room.

Nafs: sorry, on the bright side you look really pretty with make up also you got a lot more to learn.

Nabs: wait there's more to learn about make up!

Nafs: yep!

Nabs: why is it so hard to be like you!😡

Ash: you're both unique, you don't have to be exactly like each other you're both perfect. Now you too better get ready if you don't wanna be late!

Nafs: aww Ashton that's so sweet. Birthday boy turned into sweet baby birthday boy.

Ash: oh shut it, u know u miss me already! Bye,

Luke: see ya Later, bye!

Nafs offline, Nabz offline, Luke offline, Calum offline, Ashton offline, Michael offline. 

 Nabeeha, my bestie is un packing in her new apartment that she is gonna share with another one of our friends here in Sydney. Her name is Aisling ( pronounced ashling) she's coming back from vacation in L.A in America, we have all been best friends since we were like 4. Nabz and I used to go college here in Sydney, but we dropped out because of family issues and financial problems, we loved college and it was sad to leave, but we are happy and that's what really matters. We are normal 17 year old girls who love music and are living the life, almost anyway..... "What do you mean almost perfect?" You may be thinking.... We are not those girls who get whatever they want whenever they want it. Our life wasn't always perfect. My parents went their separate ways when I was 12. I live with my dad now and really want to move out because he has had so many girlfriends and it's getting really annoying, but I still support his decisions.

But Nabs had a tougher time. Her parents left her when she was young and lived with her aunt and cousins ever since. She only just moved out last week though. All that was the past though, let's now go back to the present where I'm hanging around at Nabeeha's apartment for the weekend.

*travel to the present*

Nabs and myself were in her room putting make up on and listening to music whilst we were getting ready to go to the '5sos household' or 'the bro cave, the manliest place on earth' as they like to call it. 'Idiots'. All of us became friends because of Michael. We are his cousins, nieces best friend. Aisling is Michael's cousins, niece. So basically me, nabs and Ashy (Aisling short) were friends. Then Michaels cousins are Ashy's... Don't worry it's too hard, Ash an Michael are related. And we are her besties. END OF!





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