Run after her

Justin is normal teenager boy from his friends and family's eyes. BUT! Deep Deep inside of his body, he isn't just a boy, but something he have been keeping for very long time. For 4 years ago, his girlfriend died in car accident, the cops told Justin's mother, that they could´t find her body anywhere, but only her blood, and seems like somebody took her body away before they came there.
Justin could stop thinking about her, and tried to search after her! to try to find his one love, he though she was died. But it would not be easy for him.. He will me challenge on the way BUT! not at they easy way!..

1Me gustan

1. They time before the accident

Justin's Pov-


Mom: Justin you cant just sit there rest of your life, is been 4 years ago S...

Justin: DON'T SAY IT!! She is my girlfriend, my best friend, my soul mate, who have been here for me! 

Mom: I am sorry Justin, for your lost. I am worried about you every single minute. That you will... kill yourself and have so much anger! that you will hurt somebody... 

I don't want to listen to anybody else. I haven't been in school for 4 years now!..Losing they your love of your live, yeah you will not heal that easy. I better get to school, i don't want her to stay there every single day front of they door begging me to get out. So stressful.. I walk to they door and take a deep breath and i slowly took the handle and turned it around and open the door.My mom stood right there front of the door, and looking at me in 2 minutes

Mom: Justin.. i am..

Justin: Don´t!  I start school today mom, i walk instead taking they damn car!.. 

I gave her they big hug, that she should t be worry about me, and i would run away.. , My mom told me that someone raped her and kill her after, i feel like is just a big lie shes telling me front of my face. I wink goodbye to mom. Instead of take to school, i will walk to the woods,  they place my mom told me she was raped. 

I walking around, every step, every breath i take, just to find out what happened, what "really" happened. I could smell blood, close to me, i walk and walk and front me i could see a road, i haven't seeing before. My heart start to beat fast, and fast like someone was coming!.. i listen carefully, around and i could hear voice, a voice i could recognize. 

Mom: You can´t tell Justin about this, not about this place or even call him. Right now i begging him to go to school because what happen for 4 years ago. He is so down... 

What the hell are my mom doing here?.. and who does she talk with. They stop talking and she walk close and closer to where i stand. I run away fast to the road, and i could see a car, i hide behind the big three and seeing my mom running in to they car and drive away. But my heart beat keep beating faster, i walk at the road and when i came closer, they hearts beat was normal again.. front of me i could see read signs that read "car accident 4 years ago" they same year Sasha died.. i could start feel her, that she is here next to me. My tears drown down on my face, i took slowly steps to they car that was crashed. I wasn't ready for looking in, but i have to. 

I start to smell front of the car, her dads blood!..this can be true. i walk to they other side and smelt her mothers blood. Whaat.. I could smell they last behind they car. But i did, and is not old blood, it feels like is new, and its...OMG! You gotta be kidding with me....Is Sasha really alive?


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