How Could I Forget?

"Remember the first day we actually talked?" Luke asks, "You were in after school and you found me in the music room, nearly scared the crap out of me. And we went back to my house and we had a sleepover, and you fell asleep on me. Like what you're doing now." He laughs.

"You remember that?" I ask, looking up at him.

"How could I forget?" He says.


2. The Boys

Gabriella's POV:

After a few days of hanging out with Luke we became really close friends, like closer than Julian and i were after knowing each other for 7 years. We were in homeroom together so we saw each other everyday, and the teachers didn't give us seating plans so we got to sit beside each other all day. I also spent a lot of time at Luke's house (We were surprised we could still hang out together after his mom caught us sleeping together when we had that sleepover) listening to him play guitar, tutoring him in classes he needed help in, or just hanging out.

Two weeks after meeting Luke he told me there was someone he wanted me to meet.

"Who?" I asked, we were in the middle of last block which was gym. The boys stayed in the gym and we played dodgeball.

"I guess you'll find out after school" He winks.

"Aw come on!!" I yell as I throw a ball and hit some random kid on the other team.

"The only way you're going to know who it is is if you meet them!" He teases.

"Fine!" I laugh. I'm a very good dodgeball player, I'm able to get most of the best players out, but even the best players get hit. Just as I'm about to bend over and pick up a ball, I get smacked in the face with a ball. It knocks me off balance and i fall onto my back, winding myself. I struggle to catch my breath as Luke rushes to my side "Holy shit that looked bad! Are you okay?!" He asks as he helps me to sit up.

I manage to catch enough breath to say, "Yeah I'm good but whoever hit me is out." I look over at Luke to see he's laughing a little, but he stops laughing and points to my nose, "Shit Gabby your nose! It's bleeding pretty bad!" He says worriedly. I lift my hand to feel around my nose and sure enough i feel something warm and sticky just under it. When the teachers notice that my nose is bleeding they put the game on hold and run over. They wave Luke off despite my protests that I'm fine and can keep playing.

"No, you stay here while i go get the nurse!" Exclaims Mrs. Wilson.

"I can walk myself, really I'm fine." I say.

"If you're going to walk yourself, at least take someone with you." Sighs Mr. Rawcliffe. I look past the teacher and try to find Luke. I spot him on the other side of the gym shoving Cole (The most popular guy in school) ,who i used to hang out with, into the wall behind him.

"LUKE!!" I shout at him, he turns around and i wave him over, "Help me up, they said i could walk myself but someone has to come." I gasp, still winded. Luke puts his arms under my legs and around my back, picking me up bridal style.

"Luke i can walk." I mumble, trying to keep the bleeding in my nose under control.

"No you can't you're winded pretty bad." He scolds. We then walk out of the gym and into the hallway, "I'm gonna kill Cole" Luke mumbles looking back into the gym. Pretending not to notice he said that i tilt my head back, and attempt to keep the bleeding in my nose under some control. We arrive at the nurses office and she rushes right over, examining my nose "What happened!" She gasps.

"Dodgeball to the face." I laugh.

"Well it seems like the bleeding has stopped, but lets just wipe all that blood away okay?" The nurse turns around, and wets a cloth for me to wipe my face with.

"Thanks for the help" I wave to the nurse as Luke and I walk out of her office, "And thank you for carrying me." I look at Luke and laugh to see his face has turned a pale shade of pink.

"No problem, you're really light so it wasn't hard." He mutters. I nudge him with my shoulder, "Seriously though, thanks for that, but why were you so pissed at Cole?"

"He was the one who hit you, you know he hangs out with Maddy and them so it was probably on purpose!" He blurts out, seemingly angry.

"Whatever it wasn't that bad i've been through worse." I shrug and re-enter the gym. The block is almost over so everyone's probably in the change room, "Let's just go get changed and meet these mystery friends of yours." I say while running to the change room.

Entering the change room, I see that Maddy, Haley and the rest of their group are waiting for me, "That was quite the faceshot there, but don't worry I don't think it messed anything up, i mean your face is already ugly beyond repair." Maddy says, making the rest of them snicker.

"Yeah whatever, at least I don't have to stuff my bra to fit into an a cup." I reply smugly.

Maddy's eyes widen "Excuse me?!"

"Yeah, you heard me!"

"Well at least i didn't get kicked off of my swim team because i was so bad at it!"

"First of all, i quit. Second I made it onto that team by pure talent not by my daddy giving them a few hundred bucks to take me in." I knew i had her there, she just pouted and walked past me out of the change room.

When I tell Luke what happen he just cracks up laughing "No way you actually said that?!"

"Damn right!" I laugh along, "Ok so where are we meeting these mystery friends of yours?"

"Oh, just the music room." He says opening the door that leads to the music room for me. Inside the room are two boys about my age, one has darker skin black hair and brown eyes, the other has brownish hair in a fringe, and blueish green eyes.

"Hey Gabby!" The one with darker skin says.

"Oh hey Calum!" I reply.

"You know them?" Luke asks.

"Just Calum, we have an option together and we're working together on a project in it." I explain, taking a seat next the the other boy who introduces himself as Michael.

"So we heard someone in your guy's got hit in the face so hard they fell over and winded themselves!" Says Michael.

"Yeah..... that was me and i also had a bloody nose." I reply leaning back in my seat. The two boys look at me like I'm lying, "I did honestly, just ask Luke he had to carry me to the nurses office!" At this Calum and Michael raise and eyebrow at Luke, who nods.

"Ouch" they both say in unison.

"Okay so anyways why are we here? In the music room i mean" I ask.

"Oh, well we all like music and can somewhat sing, so we thought we could start a band we just need a drummer!" Explains Michael excitedly, " Do you play?" He asks hopefully.

"Sort of" I reply.

"Let's hear it!" Says Calum.

"Oh God no!" I yelp.

"Why?" Luke pouts.

"I don't play in front of people" I say, "Hey do you guys want to come over to my place and watch a movie or something?"

They a nod and call their parents (who say yes) and we all start walking to my house. As we walk we talk and I find out Calum has a sister named Mali, and Michael is an only child to. As we enter my house my little yorkie comes storming in scaring the crap out of all the boys. I crack up laughing "Guys this is Harley" I say as i pick Harley up.

"Why wasn't he where last time?" Asks Luke.

"He was getting a hair cut, but anyways, I'll set up the movie while you guys grab some snacks" i say pointing them towards the kitchen as i walk into the living room. Calum decided to follow me into the living room.

"Won't your mom be mad when she sees you alone with three boys?" He asks.

"Nah, even if she did care she's working late tonight" I reply.

"Your mom work at a bar to?" He asks.

"Yeah she also works at an office during the day, so i'm practically on my own." I say turning to face him.

"Same, my dad works lots to and my mom is always busy running errands and driving Mali everywhere."

"Sucks huh?"

"Ehn, when i do get to spend time with them it's nice. What about you?"

I don't answer. He looks like he's about to say something but Luke and Michael walk in with a bowl of popcorn and some drinks. We al sit down, me getting stuck between Michael and Luke. We al talk and eat popcorn and watch spiderman. Since Michael is holding the popcorn, Luke has to reach across me, but this time he reaches behind me so his arm is around me. He does this again but leaves his arm there. I wait a few moments to see if he moves his arm (He doesn't) before resting my head on his shoulder. We stay like this until his Mom comes to get him, then Michaels mom picks Michael up, and it's just me and Calum.

"I'm sorry she probably just for-" he starts

"It's fine, i'll just put on another movie while we wait" I say saving him from admitting his mom forgot about him. I decide to put on my favourite movie, Lilo and Stitch, it turns out that Calum loves this movie to. I sit beside him and we talk and laugh as we wait for his mother.

"Okay what's his hair colour?" Asks Calum ( We started guessing each others crushes) as we hear a knock at the door. I look at the clock on the wall and see that it's 10:00pm. We both get up to answer the door. Sure enough a women resembling Calum is on the other side.

"Hello" I say.

"Calum, i'll be in the car" She says and walks back to her car.

"Thanks for everything, i really had a good time" He says looking at his shoes.

"I'm sure she was just running some errands." I try to perk him up, "Hey if you ever need anything you can always come here okay?"

At this he looks up, smiles, gives me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. A kiss on the cheek!!! I start to feel myself blushing and look at Calum to see he's blushing to.

"Um thanks again" He mumbles before leaving

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