The Day That Changed It All!

What happens when you meet your favorite member of One Direction and hit it off perfectly?

Read and find out.

3Me gustan

1. Birthday Surprise!

August 19, 2013

Your walking down the street with your best friend Katelin and she stops and says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!" She hands you a card and you open it and see 2 one direction tickets. You scream and hug Katelin. The tickets were for that night so you ran home to get ready. You get to the concert and it starts, when they are singing "What Makes You Beautiful", Niall keeps staring at you and turns to Liam and says something then goes to a guard and whispers something to him. The guard comes over and takes you and Katelin backstage to wait. When the show ends Louis runs in looks at both of you and runs out smiling.

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