The Youtuber Sleepover



1. who am I?

Hi, I'm Eve Harries. ( the typical intro )

I was born in London on the 20th December 1995 and am 19 years old. I live with my mum Rebecca, my dad Andy, my little 12 year old sister Emmy and my two older twin brothers, called Finn and Jack, who are 3 years older than me. ( Just making it clear that they're older ). Right now In my life I'm just making youtube videos and saving money to travel around the world. Since I'm the oldest daughter I have to do a lot in the house and it's not fair. Jack and Finn don't have to do much. I have 987 subscribers now and am trying to reach 1k subscribers. Jack has over 1k subscribers so he's heading towards 1million. My videos are mostly about beauty, fashion and hauls, challenges, collabs, music, vlogs and cooking. Etc. most of my friends are youtubers, but my bestest friend in the world is * drumroll* KENDALL! She lives here in England in London but she's actually Australian. We've been best friends since year 7 since she came to London with her older sisters to study. We are like besties forever, sadly she's going back to Australia next year for a few months. Anyway I think that's all you need to know about me, but one thing I forgot to mention is that I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety a lot. BUMMER! It sucks.

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