What did I do to you?


3Me gustan

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AHHHHH! God my alarm clock always scares me! It just means I have to go to hell again otherwise known as school.I wear my -AC⚡️DC- t-shirt and a black skinny jeans with my black all-stars. I put some eyeliner and mascara on.

Later at school-------

I walk in the halls the get punched in the stomach by Michael and then he gets punched by Niall." Thanks Niall" I say as I Walk off.

Skips to lunch

" oh look guys it's a little tramp!" They hit me and I fall to the ground and they all kick me and laugh I try to stand up then they push me down then Niall Harry Liam Louis and Zayn come over and stand in front of me and I stand up. " why can't you guys leave her alone?!" Niall said. "Bitches" I mumble but Ashton heard me. " what did you say?!" " I called you a bitch because all you guys do is push people around and bully them you do it because you guys are broken down yourself and you put your pain onto others! I don't know why I let you guys get to me when you guys end up stopping and go on with your lives and pretend That nothing happened! Well I'm leaving because I'm pretty sure you don't want to be seen with a "tramp"!" I grab Niall's hand and we walk off. " oh sorry didn't relies I was grabbing you." " it's all right" " anyways thanks for standing up for me I guess I just had to tell them what they were and I'd feel better but tha-" I was cut off by Niall's lips against mine. " why me Niall you could have soooooo much better than a "tramp"." " Summer I-i-I I like you! I'm in love with your blonde hair and blue eyes and not to mention you are just WOW!" I blush really badly and peck him on the lips.

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