Myrtle Beach

Its A 4 Day Story About My Experience Going To Myrtle Beach For The Second Time . I Guess It Might Mostly Be About Me Getting Over A Brake Up . But Hope You Like It

-☯ Panchaa ☯

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1. Getting Ready To Go

Its July 3, 2014 Im In My House Its Summer Vacation No One Is Home .. Haven't Talked To My Boyfriend Edwin For Awhile I Went To Check My Gmail I Saw A Break Up Message Saying "Hey we'll take this easily I don't want to break your heart but I am breaking out with u" ( He Can’t Write Good He’s In ESL����)When I Read It I Was Destroyed I Started To Cry And To Listen To Two Very Good Bands (Pierce The Veil && Sleeping With Sirens <3 ) It Was Hard For Me To Get Over. The Whole Day I Felt Like I Was Gonna Die I Listened To Sad Songs I Threw Some Things Got Hurt But When My Mom Got Home I Had Cleaned It So No One Noticed What Had Happened, I Just Stayed Quiet And Didn’t Talk About It . It Was A Bad Day For Me , I Had To Get My Things Ready For The Next Day While I Did I Listened To Sad Music . Deep Inside Me I Wanted To Curl Up In A Ball And Die Alone ������ But I Lived Without Him That Day , Later On My Mom Needed Help Checking If She Had Everything Well We Didn’t Have Everything Uyy It Was Hard Work And It Took Us Allot Of Time When We Finished It Was Like 1 AM I Told My Mom If She Needed Help Since I Wasn’t Sleepy She Said ‘No I’m Fine Just Go To Sleep” I Was Like “If You Need Help Just Tell Me I’ll Help You” She Was Like I Don’t Need Yo Help If You Wanna Help Just Help Me And Take Out The Things To Paint Nails , I Did And She Was Like Paint Yo Nails Cx They Got All Messed Up Haha Cx She Left To Take A Shower I Put On SOme Music ( John Newman) I Got My Strawberry Shortcake Teddy Bear, Mr.Moose , Panchaa Jr , Etc. I Surrounded Myself With Them And I Just Cried For Sometime During That Time I Thought Of How Much My Life Sucks , How Much I Need My Dad To Take Care Of Me When My Mom Can’t Uyy I Really Want Him Back In My Life . My Mom Came Back To The Room, She Saw Me Trying To Go To Sleep , It Was 3:20 Am It Was Almost Time To Go We Had To Get Everything In The Truck To Get Ready To Leave …
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