Tips and Tricks To Be a Girl

It's a crazy world out there for us girls! So I decided to make this so all of our lives can be a little easier. I also might throw a DIY or two in here. Girls Rule!

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1. Author's Note

I know being a girl is very difficult. I should know, I am a girl!

Sometimes you just want to curl up into a ball, hide in a dark corner, and maybe die a little. But girls are a lot stronger than that! You can't let someone or something ruin your life.

Life can be an absolute butt sometimes. It will seem like everything is going wrong and you cannot fix it whatsoever. It'll throw everything at you and you can't dodge it!

But if you can dodge a wrench and a ball, you can dodge whatever life hurls at your face!

I am being very serious. Girls are powerhouses that cannot be stopped. Of course there will be bumps in the road but nothing that can put you out of business. With a little help you can kick life back in the face!

That's why I'm here.

I have had a lot of bumps in the road the past few months and it has been very hard. School is getting harder. There has been three deaths in my family since April. And I've been dealing with a couple people who think they can walk all over me.

But with help from my parents, friends, and a few trustworthy teachers, I'm an all A student. I have learned to deal with the majority of the grief. And those girls no longer bother me.

And in the past few months I have had a big reality check. And to tell the truth, it was a really good thing.

I know not everybody is going to like me. And when things get hard I can't hide in that dark corner and never come out. Being an adult is a lot different from being a mindless teenager.

But I never want anyone else feel what I felt. I kept locked up on my feelings and until I had a talk with my mother, I forced myself to feel pain I shouldn't have ever felt.

I want anyone who feels lonely or in a dark place like I was to look in a mirror and tell yourself ten good things about yourself! Don't let anyone get to you! So.........

I'm creating this for all girls having issues or just need some info/help. This is slightly for me too! ;)

I will have topics from boys to school drama, periods to clothes, and whatever you guys want! Just comment anything you want me to talk about. Maybe we can create an open discussion and have multiple opinions!

Possibilities are endless!!!

So this is my guide to being a girl! How to survive life without crashing.

And if you actually read this far, thank you! I'm pretty sure most people have already stopped reading after my little sob story. So thank you to those who are still reading! I will do my best to offer the greatest advice I could possibly give!

Girls are awesome!

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