Falling For The Bad Boy™

Ema Mursur is a 17 year old girl. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her mom. That is until her mother marries Ben Irwin. Ema and her mother move to Sydney, Australia to live with Ben and his son.
When she starts going to school, Ema has a little problems with the bad boy, Luke Hemmings. Will he continue be that rude to her or will he change? Read to find out!

873Me gustan

2. Chapter 1

Ben took my mother and me with his car and soon we arrived at his house. He parked in the garage and then entered the house. It was huge! There were three storages with many stairs. So many doors and rooms. It was so confusing. I was wondering if I could get lost in there.

- This is your room. - said Ben and opened one black wooden door.

- This is my room? - I just couldn't believe.

It was much bigger than the room I had in Dallas. The walls were black and my bed was huge! There was a big walk in closet in dark maroon with so much space for clothes and stuff that most of it would probably end up empty. There was also a big dark blue sofa leaning on one of the walls just in front of a big HD TV.

- A laptop?! - I walked to the white desk and saw silver 'apple' laptop.

- A 'welcome' gift. - said Ben and my mom smiled. She seems really happy with him.


Be kind to Ben. For mom's sake.

- Thank you. - I said and smiled.

It was in fact really nice of him, however, it seemed so odd to me to take gifts from him so soon. But I held it in. A fake smile was better than throwing a tantrum for I didn't want to be there.

Ben helped me bring all my luggage in my room and went to show my mom the other parts of the house.

I started unpacking, feeling like it'll take years. I put all my clothes in the closet, throwing things messily so that they would take more place and it wouldn't look so empty. There were book shelves around the room but I organized them. At the end one the walls was fully covered, top to bottom with books. It was a beautiful sight. There were a lot pf other things go do around the room to make it feel more comfortable for me. Like putting posters on the black walls, adding fairy light around my bed and books. Making photo collages on here and there. Before I knew it, the sun hat set down behind the horizon and the street lamps, as well as the ones in the back yard, had turned on in a small attempt to make the night lighter.

When I finished, I went downstairs. I had remembered where the kitchen was and even if I hadn't the wonderfully delicious smell of our dinner being cooked could easily be my guide. However, once I got to the floor where the kitchen and the living room connected, I noticed a white door at the other side of the room.

I opened it and came to see just more stairs leading further down. Since I was already on the ground floor, that meant that there was a basement or something beneath me, therefore this house had four storages. Why they needed so much space was beyond me.

Moving down the stairs, I was engulfed in complete darkness as the door closed behind me. As the stairs came to an end, I moved further, depending only on my senses since it was too dark to see. I could brushing against boxes and other things I couldn't name without landing eyes on.

I was walking as close to the wall as possible for I was trying to find a key for the light. That turned out to be not such an easy task since the walls were practically blocked with boxes and things which was making it harder to reach the wall. My hand was gliding against the bumpy surface when I bumped into something. There was so much noise as the things sounded like it was falling apart right before me. I frantically tried to stop it and when I touched it I realized it was drums. Someone played drums in this house? Probably Ben's son.

When the sound of the instrument finally died down allowing me to breath freely, I noticed the bad smell. It smelled like something died down here. I made a grimace. Then I heard a noise behind me and turned my head around. Which was stupid because when you thing about it, even you turn to the sound you won't see it in such a dark place.

- Hello? Is anyone there? - my voice seemed too loud in the suddenly thick silence surrounding me.

- You should be my new sis. - said someone, taking the God's sake out of me.

Out of the blue the lights turned on and I came face to face with a boy around my age. He was tall and cute. He had brown curly hair, held up by a red headband. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a band t shirt. His eyes were dark green, maybe hazel for all I knew and a cheerful smile was plastered on his lips.

I jumped and turned fully to hum, suppressing a scream.

- Jesus....!

- Sorry for startling you. - the boy said with a deep accent and still the same smile. Gosh, it would take me a whole lot of time to start getting used to hearing that accent all the time. Though I must say, it was a sexy accent. However, it was my new brother we were talking about so I'm going shut up before I say something even more stupid. Then again, we aren't actually related.

- It's okay. I was looking for the light anyway. - I smiled a little.

- You looking around the house?

- Yeah. It's way bigger than I thought.

He laughed.

- You're not the first person to say that.

- I can imagine.

- Let's go upstairs? - he asked.

When I nodded he started climbing up and I followed.

- Why does it smell like that though? You haven't murdered anyone, have you? - I joked.

- Don't tell anyone. - he turned to me stopping, with a serious expression. - I will throw the body away tomorrow, I promise.

My smile dropped. He was looking at me so seriously that for a second I believed him.

- Psycho. - I punched him lightly in the shoulder and dashed upstairs hearing his laughter behind me.

I went into the kitchen running and plopped in one of the empty seats as a woman in a uniform put dishes on the table.

- Hello, Mrs Mursur. I am Dakota, the maid here. Feel free to turn to me for anything.

- It's nice to meet you. - I smiled at her. They have a maid?! Are you kidding me?!

- I see you've met Dakota! - the boy from earlier entered the kitchen and plopped on the seat next to mine with a grin towards the older woman.

She was still putting things on the table and I used the time to look her up and down. She was fifty, maybe sixty years old. She had a lot of wrinkles on her face but an echo of a gentle smile was gracing her features. She had her grey-ish hair up in a stern looking bun and the top of her head.

- I'm Ashton. - said the boy next to me. - Your new brother.

- Ema. - I turned to him returning his grin. - Your obviously new sister.

He laughed.

- You want me to show you around town? It's great at night!

- Sure. - I nodded. After dinner?

- Great!

Then Ben and my mom entered the kitchen, smiling and holding hands.

- What a wonderful smell, Dakota!

- Thank you, Madam.

My mom nodded and sat down across from me and Ben sat next to her.

Why all the formalities though. They made me feel uncomfortable.

- I see you two have already met? - Ben said more like a statement rather than a question.

- He seems great. - I mumbled looking at Dakota and waiting the food. I was starving already and it was a great smell coming from there.

- Well, dear sister, - Ashton threw one of his arms around my shoulders bringing me closer. I looked back at him. - From now on, I'll make sure you change your opinion!

- Oh, well, dear brother, I can't wait to see your true side!

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