How NOT To Fangirl

Ever been a Fangirl/Boy.
Don't pretend you haven't.
Cause you have.
This is will tell you things that will make your fellow fandom worshippers angry.
So do not do them.

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1. Introduction

Us two are experienced fangirls. No jokes. Between us we seem to be obsessed with every single fandom possible. Divergent, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Marvel, Frozen, Disney, Titanic, Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Wicked the list goes on... and on.

Together we have laughed, screamed and cried over videos and even had our fair share of meetings. Those awkward smiles, girly laughs and silent squeals of joy are all familiar. I always feel the red in my cheeks every time and just tell my self...  Don't fangirl, hold it in, come on kid.

Leaving the fandoms aside, I have a massive obsession with the band Thirty Seconds to Mars. I dream to meet them one day, but dread to think how I might react to seeing them.I think I might annoy the other fans by just talking, and talking, and talking.

We find it easy to get obsessed and know a couple of things about getting other fans REALLY annoyed.

When Elis was first introduced to Marvel it was at the cinema. We were watching The Guardians of the Galaxy and lets just say I could see a few annoyed Marvel fans coming out. But then, what's life without fangirls? Well here we are. Here to tell you...

How NOT to Fangirl

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