It's a Harry Potter fanfic. My first, so please like and fave and comment and read.

4Me gustan

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Katie's hair tumbled down hair back in beautiful blonde waves. 'Come on Cali!' She called to her friend. 'We've got to go soon!'

The two girls were about to go on an exchange trip with their school to some place in Scotland, and since they were supposed to get the train from London, Katie was super excited. How wouldn't be? She loved shopping. Cali got the best deal though. Scotland was full of wildlife: Great for photography.

'I'm just coming, Katie!' Cali laughed. They loaded their suitcases into Katie's mum's car, and set off on the winding road to the big city.

'So, you girl excited?' Mrs May asked, breaking the excited silence.

'Yeah!' They responded enthusiastically. 'If should be epic!' Katie laughed at Cali's enthusiasm, and put her arm around her friend.

This'll be interesting, she thought. And boy was she right.

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