*this is for the hype writing competition*
Ugly. It's a strong word. Meaning to me. War, Sadness, Anger, Life, Writing out the sadness. Writing out your sadness. Living through war. Dealing with sadness. Dealing with anger. Living through Life.

2Me gustan

1. War.


Blood ridden sheets,

Screams and pains,

All part of war,

Every single day,

"Go up men!. Over the top! For King and Country! Before all is lost."

Clambering bodies,

Shouts of pain,

Dead bodies,

Yet again,

Guns, Grenades, Mines and more,

Just fuel the thirst for war,

More screaming,

More shouts,

More war,

More fights,

Never ending days these are,

The days of war,

Underneath the stars.

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