My best friend brother



1. going over to Eleanor's

Haley's pov:

Today I am going over to my best friend Eleanor house and we are going shopping and hang out and if my mom will let me I can sleep over. I only go over to Eleanor's is because of her brother Louis because he is so cute but he's my best friend brother.

I am Haley hemmings and the sister of luke hemmings, yes, he's the best brother ever but he can be annoying and u love him to death. He is currently on tour he will be home in 5 months, sadly but more time with Eleanor and Louis.

--beep beep--

( E=Eleanor,h= Haley)

E- hey you coming

H- yeah be over soon

E-hurry I want to go shopping

H- it takes time to look hot you know lol jk

E-mmhm. Funny. Louis is coming with us, is that okay?

H- uh, yeah,

E- good. Hurry Haley we are waiting

H- I am leaving now, be patient

E-ha. Bye

H- bye.

I hurried to get ready I put on blue worn out shorts and a cute shirt, but my blonde hair in a pony tail. After I did that I put in my usual makeup mascara and eyeliner. After that I put my vans on and got my purse and keys and drove to Eleanor's.

---at Eleanor's--

" Haley!!!!" Eleanor yelled

" Eleanor!!!!!" I yelled

" hey" Louis said

" hi" I said

" ready to go" Eleanor asked

" yup ready" I said

" who's driving" Eleanor asked

" I will" Louis said

" okay" I said

" I call passenger seat" I yelled

" you get it girl" Eleanor said

Making me blush.

-skip car ride,-

Louis pov:

" Louis Haley is coming over wanna go shopping with us " my sister asked

" yeah" I said

" you like Haley don't you" Eleanor asked

Oh no how did she find out I like her, god is it that noticeable, yea she hot, I am I'm in live with her, but she is my sister best friend.

" no" u lied

" whatever Louis" she smirked.

" Haley!!!!!" Eleanor yelled

" Eleanor!!!!!" Haley yelled back.

" ready to go" Eleanor asked

" yeah" Haley said

" hey" I said

" hi" she replied back to me

" who's driving" Eleanor asked

" I will " I said.

And I drove to the mall.

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