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2. How to take PART.

I guess I lied a little. This chapter will also be centre formatted. Yay! The following is a list of ways to take part in this movella. You don't need to participate in everything - it's okay to pick and choose. Areas I listed in the 'contents' that are not listed here are not availiable for everyone to take part in.



Free Covers

Examples of previous covers I've made are here:

If you would like a cover for your movella, please fill in the following form and comment it in the comments (because who knows where else you might comment it :P):



Link to movella:

Quote or tagline: *optional*


Other info:



Free Reviews

If you would like an in depth, detailed review of your movella, please tell me in the comments that you would like a review of your movella, with a link to it.




The Paper Awards

This is the second incarnation of my popular awards movella, 'The Paper Awards'. As we are not in the voting stages of this competition yet, please nominate your favourite movellian's for each of these catagories. Any movellian with two or more nominations will later be put through to the voting stages. You CANNOT NOMINATE YOURSELF. Nominations must be commented by the 20th of February, 2015.

The catagories you can nominate for are as follows:


Most Creative username

Best Fangirl/Fanboy (Who makes their fandom proud? For this category please include which fandom)

Movella most likely to make you cry)

Best Adventure Movella

Best Romance movella

Best Short Story

Best Paranormal/Supernatural Movella

Best Fantasy Movella

Best Scifi Movella

Best Realism Movella

Best Historical Fiction Movella

Best Humour movella

Most Original Movella

Best Overall Movella

Best 1D Fanfic

Best Harry Potter Fanfic

Best Hunger Games Fanfic

Most Original Fanfic

Best Crossover fanfic

Overall Best Fanfic

Best Poem

Best Poet

Best New Movellian

Best Coauthor

Kindest Movellian

Friendliest Movellian

Funniest Movellian

Best Critique Giver

Most Hardworking Movellian

Best Mumbler

Best Overall Movellian

Best Profile Picture

Best Cover Store

Best Artist



The prize for winning an award is a shoutout, a fan, and feedback, likes, and favourites on two of your movellas. Prize for second place is a shoutout, a fan, and feedback, a like, and a favourite on one of your movellas. The prize for third place is a fan, and feedback, a like, and a favourite on one of your movellas. And obviously, you all also get the glory and prestige of winning.



Scavenger Hunt

Rights for this idea go to @Night and @Pocky_JR. If you would like to participate in the scavenger hunt, please comment saying so. You will be on teams of two, so tag a friend that you'd like to be your partner in scavenging. More details of this will come at a later date. There will be a prize for the winners, but it is yet to be decided.

@Raven711 and @Emma Bird are helping me run this.



HYPE Writing Competition

All entrants must be between 13 and 19 years old.

As the title of this section says, I will be hosting a writing competition. To enter, you must write either

a) One short story of up to 5,000 words


b) Up to five poems, published together


c) A piece of non fiction text or journalism of up to 5,000 words


The topic is 'Ugly'. Obviously, that is not just confined to ideals of human beauty. You could write about war, fear, hate - almost anything, of any genre. Please specify what aspect of the word 'ugly' your story talks about in the blurb.

To enter your story, please post a link to it in the comments, with the hashtag 'hypewritingcomp', and tag me.

Your story must be entered on or before midnight (british time) on the 20th January, 2015.

@Prodigy and I will judge the winners.


One winner will recieve a fan, a shoutout, and feedback (plus likes and favourites)on all of their movellas. Their winning entry will be featured in this movella.

Two runners up will recieve a fan, a shoutout, and feedback (plus likes and favourites) on half of their movellas (of their choice). Their entries will also be featured in this movella.



HYPE Cover Competition

To participate in this competition, please create a cover for HYPE. It must have the words 'HYPE' on it, as well as my username, 'Mirlotta'. Please submit your cover as soon as possible. To submit your cover, mumble it, and tag me in the mumble. I will put all competing covers in a seperate chapter, where readers of HYPE can vote for their favourite.

The winning cover will become to cover of HYPE, and its maker will recieve a fan, a shoutout, and feedback on one movella of their choice.

*The current cover of HYPE is by the fantastic C.H.Potter. It will also be competing in the competition :)*



Submit your Artwork

You can submit your art to HYPE by posting a mumble with it in, and tagging me, along with the hashtag 'HYPEartwork'. All art will be featured.




If you would like to be interviewed, please go to my movella 'An Interview with a Movellian' and comment asking for an interview there. It would help if you tagged me. Not all the interviews I conduct will be featured in this movella, but all will be in 'An Interview with a Movellian'.



Reactions to Fanfictions

Ah. This will be interesting. I am going to find some fanfics on Wattpad and other such writing sites that are very popular there. None will be from movellas. Almost certaintly they will have bad spelling and grammar. If you'd like to volunteer to write a short piece on your honest reactions to these fanfictions, please comment saying so.



Movellas Experience

Make a mumble documenting your movellas experience, tagging me in it. The good, the bad - everything. I will then feature as many as possible in this movella.



Advice Column

If you are struggling through a hard time, or just want some advice, please comment your problem below with the hashtag 'AskMyrah'. I will then do my best to give you some advice in a chapter of the movella specifically for this purpose, which will hopefully be helpful.

If you want to remain anonymous in the movella, then it shall be so.

If you want to send me your problem by email/co-author chat, instead of commenting publically, say so in the comments.



Opinion Overload

Mumble or comment your opinions on a subject you're passionate about! Tag me in the comment, and make sure to add that it is for this section of HYPE! :)



Thank you for taking the time to participate in HYPE. I hope you enjoy the finished result as much as I'm enjoying organising and making it.

Thank you!

- Myrah :)









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