This is more than a magazine.

90Me gustan

1. Welcome to HYPE.

I had absoloutely no idea what to do when I reached 600 fans on movellas, and so I have created HYPE. I guess you could so it's a movellas magazine, but I plan on it being so much more than that.

Featured in this one-off, all the stocks pulled out magazine, will be the following, and probably more when I think of other interesting stuff:


The Usual

Top movellians

Top movellas

Top Covers

Top Trailers

Free covers

Free Reviews


The Unusual

Excerpts from people's movellas

Book reviews

Common Cliches

Writing Tips, Techniques and How to Beat Writer's Block

Movellian's Top 50 Books to read before you die

Movellian's Top 50 Movies to watch before you die

Movellian's Top 50 Songs to hear before you die

A picture of a discombobulated dinosaur by yours truly

Random articles I suddnely feel the need to write - for example, why Benedict Cumberbatch is actually possibly not a better actor than Hugh Jackman


The Highly Interactive

The Paper Awards

A Scavenger Hunt (rights for this idea go to @Night and @Pocky_JR)

A Writing Competition

A Cover Competition

Submit your Artwork


Reactions to Fanfictions

Movellas Experiences

Games, Quizzes, and Polls

Advice Column

Opinion Overload



Details of how to submit work or participate in any of the above will be released shortly. If you have any other ideas of things to include then please feel free to tell me, andI will include them.


Thank you. I hope you all appreciate the amazing centre formatting of this chapter. Don't worry, for the rest of the movella won't be quite as centred as this.

Thank you again.

- Myrah :)





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