Boarding School Love

Lexi is chosen along with two other people at her high school to go to a boarding school but this isn't any normal boarding school.
Its for elite people.

0Me gustan

1. chosen.

Hi I am Lexi. I go to north which high school in Atlanta, Georgia . I hate my school. My best friends are Lucy and Lulu, we are known as the 'Triple L's.'

Lexi's POV

"Good morning class!" Our teacher said "good morning Sir!"We chorused back. I got my Spanish book out. Yep Spanish. "Today we aren't learning Spanish we are going to the hall for a special surprise." Our teacher said. I looked at Lucy and Lulu, they looked back. What was happening?

Lulu, Lucy and I were the first up. "Come on guys it can't be that bad." I said. The rest slowly followed. Lucy opened the door and classes were filing slowly to the hall. We walked until we reached a Line. "Do you have to wait?" Lulu asks "No come on." I say. We begin to walk to the front where the jocks where. "Boys." I say "mind if we cut in." We knew that these boys loved us but couldn't have us! "No go ahead ladies." Nick said. "Thanks" lulu says.

When we get in we take our seats right in the middle. "Good morning students" A random man said. "I am Mr Shipman. I am in charge of the BSL program, we work hard so these children succeed. The various students are sent to different schools all over the world. We have pick a number of students form different schools and we have the lucky students here." He finished. "I will read the names out. Lucy Jenkins, Max Green, Christina Thorpe , Nick Fairview and Lexi Adams. Come on stage guys." The hall was filled with cheering and clapping. Once we were all in stage and shook hands with Mr Shipman.

We were rushed of back where our families were. Mine stood proud. "Lexi" my mum says engulfing me in a hug. "Good girl Lexi." My dad says. I stand up straight. "Thank you father. Permission to hug?" Our dad worked in the Military and loved us but was strict. "Permission granted." He replied I gave him a hug. "Lex well done" my big brother Luke says. "Thanks lukey" I said. Everyone stood with their families waiting to be told what to do. "Children you will all be in different programs of the school. Lucy Jenkins you will be in Alaska. Max Green and Christina Thorpe you will be in England and Lexi Adams plus Nick Fairview you will be in California."I looked at Lucy and she looks back. I shrug. "The big apple sis." Luke said ruffling my hair which I then straightened.

"As part of the program your family will be given an amount of money that the child can use as he/she would like. We will pay for two plane flights home for the students. And you may pay for three more." Mr shipman explained. Nods if approval went around the room. "All of your planes leave Saturday here is your travel information. He said handing out various packs. You can go home and are not expected to come to school for the rest of the week." He said. Does this man ever shut up? I asked myself. Today is Wednesday. What to do all week? "Good bye" he said then walked out.

"Lucy, Lexi!" Christina said "I can't believe we won't be here anymore." Lucy said. "I know what about Lulu" Christina said. "She will just have to run the school won't she!" Lucy said a slight hint of sadness in her voice."Are you ok, Lex?" Christina. I snapped out of my trance "Yeah fine. You guys ok?" I replied. "Fine" they both said. I turned around to find my parents and Nick's parents talking. "Lexi come here" my mum said. "Call you guys later, bye" I said. I walked of towards my mum. "Yes mum"I said. "The Fairview's are coming for dinner tonight." I looked at Nick face. He shrugged, so I shrugged. "Ok mother." I said . "Let's go Vanessa please" my father said. "Yes good bye" we walked out together.

I hated being rich and well known. All of our reputations different. My parents were loveable but strict. My brother, music genius. And me the girl most likely to succeed. I hated it. "Honey shopping tomorrow?" My mum asked. "Yes sure." I replied. I also hated wording my sentence differently to seem posh.

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