What Is Happening?

Hannah was heartbroken by John. She was trying to get over it so badly but she couldn't, until one day she saw her childhood crush and forgot all about that bastered (John). Will she remember her old feelings and make them her new ones? will she fall in love with the right peson

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1. Seeing him in the very first time

 -Hannah POV-

It was a nice summer evening when my grandmother told me clean up the house entrance. I was in a depressed case because of John (the boy i used to love before summer). He was kind of my best friend, he told me everything about him and one day we were talking, then he said that he doesn't love Rose and i was so happy but he said that he loved Maia (my best friend). I was so sad because I had true feelings for him and i just couldn't talk to Maia anymore.

I was halfway through the cleaning process while thinking about my past year it was fantastic but misreable. Then i saw my cousin Matt playing with 2 boys, and i kept starring at one boy called Midou and I knew that he was the boy that i fought with over and over again about football matches long time ago, I forgot about him. I remember having a childish crush on him and now I got all those feelings back I remember loving him, I remember when Real Madrid loses I would be like "Na na na na we won, you lost", and I remember when Barcelona loses he would be like "We are better, we won." I would be so sad. Then i came back to realiaty and i greeted Matt.

"Hi Matt" 

"Hey Hannah, how are you?" Matt asked

"Good, what about you?"I asked Back

"I'm fine, thanx for asking"


 -Midou POV-

I saw her. The most beautiful girl I have ever seen!! Long light brown hair, most beautiful brown eyes ( the one that makes you fall in love with them) and the face of an angle! I remember her from my childhood, we used to fight all the time over a match, I remember I would wait for every football match between Barcelona VS Real Madrid to get the chance to talk to her, but her mum got a job outside the country so she had to travel there and live there. I felt so heartbroken at that time, I would be waiting for summer to come for me to talk to her and then one summer after she came back we just stopped talking to each other and i don't know why?


Hey guys hru all i wonnder if u like the story? if u do plz say in order to complete if and by the way it is a true story of my self

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