The Little Mermaid

Have you see the film called is Aquamarine? Yeah! Now before I start...

A girl is friend of Aquamarine. But... Take a look... My name is Oceana. My parent call me that name. I swam away from home because my parent force me to marry someone that I don't know.

Now she have one year to live on surfaces... She wish she could found true love but who?

Meanwhile there are a handsome 'Prince', everyone called him, name is Luke Hemmings. He live in Australia but he was in the band, it called 5 Second of Summer. He met a beautiful mermaid that he never see before but he can't see her face because she was under the sea.

Have Luke fall in love with her? What happening if he found out that Oceana is a mermaid?

Let find out!

21Me gustan

1. Prologue

The Little Mermaid



Luke POV

I have never seen a mermaid before.

I bet she was so beautiful!

I want to find her, but I can't see her face when she swam around my boat.

I really want to.

It was too hard to find her.

I want to tell my friends, but I can't because I'm crazy that what they think.

But I think I can give it a try...

Anyway, let me tell you more about it!

Because you are so confused, right? 

I was on my way to island that what has everyone talking.

That's right, and I lived in Australia.


Suddenly, the boat broke down.

I groan annoyingly.

Then I was surprised because I saw the tail of blue under the sea.

I was about to look at her tail, but it has a face, well, a beautiful face.

But sadly, I can't see it face properly.

I would like asked of it, but it swam away as I startle it away.


If it has a tail and a beautiful face? 

Then, that could be a mermaid?!



Hey, guys!

I am trying to do my best.


I could do co-author thing to you if you see wrong grammars or spell check.

I don't mind!

Besides, I will try to do my best...

Okay then!

I would be shut up and write more!

Meli out!

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