Virtual Hogwarts

Have you ever wanted to devise a fantastic movella about a witch or wizard going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but never quite were able to write it as you wanted? Well I, Headmaster of Hogwarts, Cornelius Durken have finished taking applications for this semester/year, but would love to see you enter a plot idea, or even just follow the story. I'm sure it will be like nothing you've ever seen before. Because in this alternate version of the Wizarding World, the readers will decide what happens.

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1. Rules + Guidelines MUST READ

          Welcome to this new online experience we are the writers, and you all are the creators. It’s a new experience that I myself have not done before or seen anywhere on Movellas. Or in fact anywhere!

          Basically for this experience, you will submit a character application in the comments below, and with all the characters, I will make one big story with all of them that lasts one year of Hogwarts. ANYTHING can happen, and you all get to decide.

          There will be multiple relationships that are already established, or will be established throughout the school year such as, siblings (pre-established I would hope), friends, or even romantic relationships. But there are rules to this process so please read closely.


         1. On the next chapter is the character application. You must fill out everything in the application or your character will not be counted for.

          2. There will be no romantic relationships for First and Second years. Sorry, but in my personal opinion, it’s just too early.

          3. There will be no romantic relationships between characters more than TWO years apart.

          4. Do not submit an application with a picture attached as your character’s appearance. I am going to recreate your character with my “photo editing skills” based on the appearance details you gave me. Trust me, it’ll look cool.

          5. There will only be five students per house meaning twenty students so please be more varied than everyone being a Gryffindor. There are now no spots left. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A CHARACTER

          6. There will also be 10 Girl slots and 10 Boy slots. There are now NO boy slots, and NO Girl slots remaining. Do not enter an application for a type of character that has already run out. If you do so, then your application will be denied.

          7. You can create up to three characters that can interact and be involved in this year of Virtual Hogwarts.

          8. If you would like to have a relationship (whether it be romantic or friendly) with a character that is not one of your own, then in your Relationships section of your application, put a (BLANK) where the character’s name would be. If someone would like to be that person to you, then they will reply to your comment. If you approve of this character relationship then it will be like this in the story. And vice versa.

          9. If you want to be on the Quidditch team, you need to be a second year and up and not be a really shy, clumsy, or unathletic character.

         10. Throughout the year there will be a base storyline. If you have an idea for a part of the plot or something that could happen, then please say so in the comments below or on my profile page if you don’t want everybody to see it.

          Well, I think that’s it now for the rules! Be aware that you MUST read the next two chapters before your application is accepted. Don’t worry; it’s just the Character Application Outline and an example of what an application would look like.

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