Mr. Bad boy

Why happens she Hannah ex-boyfriend comes to town and surprises her by showing up at her work.

Will she fall in love again?

What will harry do to win her back?


1. chapter 1

Hannah you late again my boss yells at me this is your last warning Hannah. Oh sorry, I forgot my name is Hannah Warner and I work at Starbucks it's not the best but it pays good since my dad left I have to do everything and I I never see my mom that often she works all the time. I am 17, but what most people don't know about me is that I use to date harry styles...he is one word a player. He was te worst he use to yell at me because he get drunk kiss other girls and one day I told him I was done and never saw him again. Well that what thought.

I am best friends with one direction and 5sos luke is so sweet. No wonder everyone loves him like he does me. Yes me and luke are dating we have been dating for a while now he is so sweet not a player that word makes me cringe.

Luke would always whisper to me little things and I would fall asleep to his voice.

Today is my birthday...I hate birthdays

Happy birthday luke yells though the house Intill he found me under the bed. Come on get ready we are going to Ashton's place. Why I asked it's a surpise.

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