Romeo || N.H

"When i saw you i fell in love, and you smiled because you knew."
William Shakespeare.

Niall Horan One Shot.

Copyright 2014.

1. Romeo




"Niall stop, don't you see. I only hurt people. I can't love them back, and if I do ,I'll still end  up hurting them", she screamed as tears filled up her eyes.

"I always hurt them , she continued, always, and i don't want to end up hurting you".

" You will never hurt me Amelia, never, no matter what you do behind my back".

" No Niall, I will, she said with pause wanting to go on ,but I didn't let her.

" Amelia you need to- she cut me off and ended her sentence, much quieter -"because I only have five days to live"


 "How did you feel after she left, son?"

"After she left my world fell apart. She told me not to get close, not to make a place for her in my heart, but I was too late.

Too late to realize that she was right. I still remember her last day, July 7th, when she left the world. She cried, laughed, yelled , screamed ,knowing its her last day to do those things. Somehow it felt like the last scene of "Romeo and Juliet", only this time Romeo wasn't going to die. I still remember her reaching for my hand, from the hospital bed , whispering to me to stop crying, telling me it will be alright, but we both knew , it wasn't. "

"Do you remember what she said to you before she died?"


"Doctor , how much more time?", i asked with my voice cracking.

" Fifteen minutes , son", he replied with pity in his voice. " Use it well", he added  and patted me on the shoulder before he left the waiting hall.

I got up and walked slowly towards her room, as if i wanted to cherish the moment forever. I reached her hospital room door and looked in from the window. She was laughing with her siblings like if she could laugh like this forever. I went in and suddenly everyone in the room's attention came towards me. 

"Hey", my voice cracked.

 Her siblings gave me a warm smile before they said good bye and left the room , leaving me and Amelia alone.

"Hi", she said smiling big.

 I went over and sat beside her hospital bed. Even though she had 15 minutes left on the earth , she still looked beautiful, with her messed up hair and glassy eyes.  All the thoughts about her going to die flew into my head , that i started to cry.

"Shhh , no no , Niall look here , don't cry , she whispered taking my hand into hers , we all knew about this , so you shouldn't cry".

She looked over to her oxygen tank on her left, to see how much time she had and whispered again" Niall promise me, that no matter what happens now in these few minutes, you are never ever gonna blame this on yourself, you were the only one who understood me and didn't leave me alone in the darkness, okay? Go ahead and move on , you were my Romeo now be someone else's, someone who will be with you till you get old and wrinkly, Promise?"

I looked at her with my red puffy eyes, which were filled with tears, making it hard to look at her. She had tears in her eyes as well. 

 " I promise", i replied to her without thinking. But i knew i would never be able to keep that promise.

 She looked one last time at the oxygen tank and smiled.

" Its my time", she said and closed her eyes.

 " No , Amelia , no don't die on me", i wailed as squeezed her hands.

  Then i heard something i never wanted to hear.


~ End of Flashback~

"  Did you full fill her promise?"

"No, i never moved on after losing her. I never could find someone like her and never will. She made such a big impact on my life in only four days that no one could ever in four years. "

" Well son, today's session ends, come tomorrow and we'll talk more", he said as he closed his notepad and got up from his chair.


 I stayed in the sofa bed and put my head in my hands and started talking to Amelia like i always did after the session.

 "Ever since you left, i come here everyday. Talking to the man about how i feel after what happened, though the man just writes it down and im pretty sure doesn't care about it.  After you left i feel like a rose without a throne, a word without letters, a bird without its wings. You left and took half of me with you, Amelia.  Without you it doesn't feel right. Without you it feels lonely.

You told me to be a Romeo for someone else, but i can't, i can't, i can't be a Romeo for anyone.  "



 I can't be a Romeo for anyone. 


~The End~


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