Breaking the Deathly Rules

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5Me gustan

2. Trouble!!

"We will be staying until 8pm." Victoria said happily.

"That would be $70 for both of you to stay here util 9pm. Here are your tickets, and your bright green leaflet for this huge place. On page 4, there is a map of this wonderful place." said the lady with a strong and perky voice.

Penelope and Victoria skipped happily into the part of the park where there were water slides and sea animals. "Where should we go?" Penelope questioned Victoria. "Should we go down the red, blue, or orange slides? Or do you want to sneak past that sleeping guard and go down the black ladder?... Hmmmm, I think we should go down the orange slide to our right." Penelope said quickly. "Victoria, come, let's go." Penelope turned around and Victoria was not there. Where did she go? Maybe she already went down the orange slide, thought Penelope.

Down the black ladder Victoria went. Also down the orange slide Penelope went. "Weeeeeeee, this is fun!!" screamed Penelope.

Victoria hopped off the black ladder. THUMP!! "OUCH!!"


Author's Note...

Was it a good idea for Victoria to go down the black ladder or should she have gone down the orange slide with Penelope? What do you think will happen in the next chapter? Please share your thoughts below in the comment section. Thank you!!

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