Breaking the Deathly Rules

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5Me gustan

1. Getting to Blogs of Fun

Breaking News: The actresses the McGrails have been missing for two weeks. No one knows where they are. The only clue is that they were last seen at the aquarium and water park known as Blogs of Fun. There has been no sign of them. Lots of family members have taken long trips to look for them, and none of them have succeeded.

Victoria yawned. "It's only 7am. Mum, may I pretty please go to Blogs of Fun?" questioned Victoria.

"I don't know, on the news, it said that the McGrails went missing at Blogs of Fun, so I don't want anything to happen to you while you are gone!" explained Victoria's mom.

"I promise I will be really really careful. PLEASE!!!"

"If you promise, sure, but you need to take a friend and be really sensible, okay?"

"Thanks Mum, I promise that I'll be careful. I am going to go take Penelope with me to Blogs of Fun. I'll be back after dinner. I promise."

"Love you!"

*                                                  *                                                  *

Victoria went to Dedman Street so she could pick up Penelope.

"Why do they even call it Blogs of Fun?" question Penelope.

"Well, it is because a the end of each slide, we need to answer a question. Every question we answer right is a point. With the points you earn, you can buy food, drinks, gifts, and objects to keep." explained Victoria.

*                                                  *                                                  *

By 9am, Victoria and Penelope were standing in front of Blogs of Fun. Victoria and Penelope walked up to the tiny and decorative ticket stand.

"Good morning, how long will both of you be staying here for?" asked the bright and happy lady at the ticket stand.

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