A Ronnie and Ty Story

Ronnie's mother died in a horrible accident and Rain her mothers baby is now her child. She runs away from her father because he has been abusing her. She finds comfort with her boyfriend Ty. Can she be safe with him with her father searching for her or not.

1Me gustan

1. Chapter 1

   "I want an angel on my right shoulder and love is infinite on my left shoulder." I tell the tattoo artist as he hands back my fake I.D..

   "Okay, but you look kinda young to be 21," the man said.

   "I know, I get that a lot." I lied, I'm only 16.

   "He directs me to a chair and I sit down and he does my tattoo's. When he finished he showed me to a full size mirror, before bandaging them. 

   "Rad," I say and paid for them and left. I went next door so I could get my nose, eyebrow, bellybutton, and ear pierced. I got a onyx gem in my nose, a sapphire in my eyebrow, and a dangling butterfly on a chain for my bellybutton. 


                     5 Months Later 

  I wake up to "Heaven Knows" by The Pretty Reckless on the radio. 

   My phone went off telling me I had a text:

   ~Hey get up I'll be there in and hour- Ty

   ~Okay i'm up.- Ronnie

   I turn the radio up and get in the shower. I shave and wash my hair. When I get out I blow dry my black and orange hair and put it in a ponytail. I put on a blue bikini, black shorts, a white crop-top and lace up knee-high black boots. I grab my phone, iPod, and wallet in my bag. I walk downstairs and grab a coke.

   I hear the doorbell ring and went to answer it and I see some guy standing there.

   I ask,"Can I help you?"

   He looks me up and down obviously interested and said," I'm looking for Veronica Rivers. Does she live here?"

   "Yea, she lives here. What do you want from her?" I ask cautiously since I'm Ronnie(Veronica).

   "I have a package for her." He said handing me a huge box.

   "Um, okay. I'm Ronnie. Do I need to sign anything?" I ask putting the box inside the house.

   "Yea, just sign here," he said handing me the weird machine. 

   I gave it back and he gave me a piece of paper with his number on it. I just laugh and hand it back. 

   He had a confused look on his face and asked,"What's funny?"

   "You're giving my your number when you only know my name and where I live." I say and see Ty walking to us.

   "Well is that a problem?" He asked and stepped closer to me.

   "Yes it is."Ty said and put his arm around my waist.

   "Well, goodbye whoever you are." I say and start to shut the door.

   He caught my arm and said," I'm Tony."

   I punch him in the face and say,"If I don't know you then don't touch me." Then slammed the door shut. 

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