Sparrow's Reviews

Hello! This, like many others, is a review movella. The first chapter will have more details, so, don't be shy, read on!

11Me gustan

1. Instructions

As I explained in the blurb, these will be the standard rules and regulations:

-Place the link to your movella in the comments. If you do not know how, I have a quick tutorial:

1. Go to your profile page and scroll down to the movella you would like to have the link to.

2a. Right-click on the movella title and choose "Copy Link."

OR (if your computer doesn't have that feature- it should on Macs)

2b. Click on the movella title to go to the movella's page, then go up to the URL (or search bar if they're the same thing), highlight the entire thing, right-click, and choose "Copy."

3. Paste the link (right-click, then "Paste") into your comment. Congratulations! You've done it!

-I will be rating three things from one to ten, then take the average for the general movella:

1. Spelling/Grammar

Basically, are you using proper English? Also includes correct spacing, paragraphs, etc.

2. Plot

Every story needs one! This means your movella has a exposition, conflict, climax, and a resolution.

3. Creativity

Have you thought out your story? Is it unique?

-I will also give a short, proper review including what I liked and didn't about it. All criticism in this movella will be constructive.

-I will do ANY sort of movella (except R-rated ones), but if it is written poorly, do not expect me to sugarcoat. I will not be mean to the point of cruelty, though; I will be fair. If you do not like the way I reviewed your movella, I'm sorry. Here's my warning in advance.

-Please keep it PG in the comments. There are young people on here! If you do not, I will have to remove the comment.

-Thanks are much appreciated! Enjoy!

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