Ode to Fandoms

Poem about all you can see and explore when you enter the worlds of so many different fandoms!
(not really an ode. I think...)

*CC, anyone? I was wondering if this does justice to the fandoms of SPN, TWD, and LoTR..*


1. Random Fandoms

A/N: Please give CC about this poem, (it's for my school newspaper) particularly on the parts about SPN, TWD, and LoTR! Thanks! 

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I don't own rights to any of these fantastic shows/books/movies, but I do own a bit of fandom merch!


When you see a movie, read a book, or watch a fantastic show

Transported from reality, to worlds of fiction, you may possibly go

For some, fandoms are life, and entering fictional worlds is liberation

Because in fandoms, you can escape reality and its complications


You could solve cases with Holmes and Watson at 221B
Or travel with the Doctor in the TARDIS through the Time Vortex sea

Fight alongside demigods against monsters from ancient times

Go to Cardiff and join Torchwood and stop alien crimes


Get a wand and attend Hogwarts and see many magical things

Meet the Flock and save the world with the kids with wings

Take the Aptitude Test and choose a Faction, while hiding your Divergence

Help the Travelers save Hall and fight Saint Dane’s Convergence


See what would become of the world if an asteroid struck the Moon

Follow Jean Valjean to the Barricades while singing in tune

Jump in the Impala from ’67, hunt demons, and eat pie

Join Frodo in going against Sauron and his evil eye


Learn to live in zombie-apocalyptic times with Daryl and Rick

Eat pineapples and solve murders using a psychic detective trick

Although none of this can truly happen, we still dream about that and more

“For in dreams, we enter a world that is entirely our own,”- Albus Dumbledore

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