Patchwork: The Fabric Souls Trilogy 1.

I wait. I wonder. I wait. I grow. I wait. I see. I wait...
I am patchwork. She knitted me from scratch. And then stole my organs, bought some of them too. She taught me to speak. To learn. To love. But none of it matters when you know that you have a fabric heart...


1. My first sunset,

I wake, throwing on heavy black clothing, disguisng my colour, or at least attempting to. She told me about robots, made of metal, and stripped of humanity. Today thats exactly how I felt, like a robot. I look in the mirror, I appear pretty average, excluding the fact that my hair doesn't grow like others, spray painted a variety of neons and bold pastels, it was obvious that I wasn't the normal teenage girl.

My skin was pasted onto my bones too, but not like the usual persons, it seemed somewhat tighter, like someone had despretly stretched it there. But they had. I was homemade. You could say that I was a bit like frankenstein, but she says that would be offensive. She says alot of things that I don't believe, like that I have a true soul, a true heart. The only thing that I understand is that even if I do have them, they're fabric...and they're easily torn.

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