what boy is right for you

2Me gustan

1. Mitchell Cochman

Favourite colour; Yellow.

Hair colour; Light brown. 

Eye colour; Green.



Loves to skate. He's always on the half pipes! But he's also very loving and smart.  He has a 4.0, & brings his textbooks everywhere.  Sort of the skater, nerdy type & quite attractive. He's had a bunch of girlfriends, but would never EVER cheat. He sticks to his word. And he is more into long & loving relationships other than short & pointless. He has a lot of friends, but always finds time for the one he loves... He's very close with his family, but mostly his grandfather. His dream is to become a professional skater, but he also wants a bachelors degree in engineering.  He's the perfect guy.

How You Met; 

You and a few of your bestfriends decided to go hangout at the skatepark right across the field from your house. Your wearing: ...... Once you get there you see a large group of guys grouped up, they were making a bet on who can do the craziest skateboarding trick. You see that they all turn around & look at you and your friends. You hear them whisper "The one in the striped shirt" .. It turns out, whoever won the bet,  got to ask you out before everyone else. 
You just watched as they all did their tricks to try and win the bet... But the very last guy, the one that caught your eye, started at the top of the half pipe, and started his run... He did many cool tricks, but there was one that surely impressed you. He did a 360 Shuv It, followed by a hardflip. It was truly the most amazing thing you have have ever seen. It was those 2 tricks that guaranteed him the win of the bet.
You get very nervous once he starts approaching you. You friends nudge you, and push you towards him causing you to bump into him. "Hi, i'm Mitchell." he says with a smile. "I'm ____, I thought that the trick you did was really cool!" you reply while blushing. "Thanks! I did it for you!" he said turning away while blushing a tad. 
Ever since that day, you have with dating the guy of your dreams. He's your dream guy, the one you've been looking for you're entire life!

~20 years later~

You are happily married with one kid. A baby girl, Darcy. She is forever gonna' be her daddy's girl. She is 14 months old & loving life with a burning passion. Every now and then, you and Mitchell take  Darcy to the skate park where you two met. She has her own little skate board on which her father always tries to teach her to skate. Your happy with everything going on in your life and nothing could ruin that!

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