Jenna is not mental. Her past brimmed with evil and trepidation push the live electric currents into her brain each day. When she tries to escape and build a new identity: a new life, she is caught and waits on death row, never knowing which day will be her last, being tortured each day. But one miracle happens, the worlds most popular boy band One Direction visit St Bernadette's asylum on a charity visit and her future retrieves some light and hope. She is torn between five unknown faces. Will she fall for someone? Be killed? Let others risk their their life's for her? Fall for someone? But then then as her truly dark enemy who locked her in this torture chamber makes a reappearance she begins to doubt her fate, unleashing her past, and accidentally revealing the scandal she tried to forget...


1. Prologue

10 o'clock. The most terrifying hour of each day. I thrashed as they tried to drag me to theatre.

"Jenna, stay still otherwise we will beat you to a bloody pulp"

I strived for a good thirty seconds before stilling myself and let her drag me along to theatre to prove my point. When I was last whipped I was unconscious for four whole days. I woke with the irritation of dried blood around my crown area.

They hauled me to theatre and slammed me hard on the table. I screamed. Not particularly for anyone, I had no one. But I screamed for hope in any case someone might come to my rescue. But not a soul came to hear my desperate screams. The needle injected something heavy into mug blood stream and I blacked out just as the live electric currents entered my brain...

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