Almost Is Never Enough {1D} *on hold*

Selena Is from Bradford. Selena Mary Monte was abused by her father verbally, physically, and mentally. One day after her father almost killed Selena someone mysterious called the cops. She never seen him again and is now living her dream. She is now a very famous singer. But ever since her father started abusing her she started having problems trusting boys. What happened's when One Direction is her opening act? They start earning her trust after 2 months of knowing each other. But what happened's when Zayn just has to know her personal life. And when her dad comes back into the picture? Zayn promises to be Selena's rock. What happened's when Selena almost starts falling for her rock? Well you know what they say Almost Is Never Enough....


2. chapter 2 ~Umm Hi~

Selena's POV

"Not the reaction I was hoping for." I heard Cherry mumble.

"Cherry this is not a game. Please tell me you are lying." I whispered then started getting louder.

"Sorry kid, but I'm not." Cherry said.

Ok let me tell you the truth. It's not that I don't like One Direction.

It's just that I was hoping for like



Katy perry

Little mix

Selena Gomez

Demi Lovato

Britney Spears

You know someone like that. I'm just terrified of boys. No I'm not lesbian. It's just that since my past with my dad I have trust issues with boys. But I know that my other half will make me feel safe and like I deserve a place in this world of wonder.

Now back to one direction. Yes I 100% love their music. But if you heard right I said music.

Not them. I have heard really good things about how wonderful and all but to be honest I'm still terrified.

But yet again maybe they aren't going to hurt me. I mean I can't just think of the negatives. It's not like I'm going to be all alone with them.


"Fine." I said calmly

"Good you guys will be sharing the tour bus, sorry we are kinda in a budget here-." I cut Cherry off.

"What!" I screeched

"Yes and you are going to meet them here in this room in about 15 minutes to introduce yourself and be friends." Cherry said looking at me to make sure I wouldn't burst.





Ok I mean I'm not going to burst now anayway.

"OH hells to the no I'm not going to be in a room with 5 perveted boys!" I yelled

"They are not perveted boys. Ok, three of them happen to be taken. Also they are nice lads just give them a chance for the love of pretzels." Cherry said trying to hold back her frustration.

"But." I said

"But nothing they will be here in about ten secounds.


5 teenage boys


All six of us alone


They could do what ever they want with me


Ugh! Don't think like that Selena.


Then how should I think.


Um I don't know maybe pink unicorns or pony's, leprechaun's i don't know just not that.


They are kinda cute though and musclier


Don't think like that Selena you'll end up being a punching bag for all you know.


What side are you on?!??!


Oops too late.

Just then we heard a knock.

Everything seamed to froze around me.

I couldn't move from where I was. My legs seamed to be glued on the ground.

Move! Legs

Move before it's too late.

But just then five figures came inside and sat down on the couch. It was too late I couldn't leave now. I realised that Cherry had left. I had to behave my best for the sakes of my career.

"Umm Hi." I said


Authors note:

Yay so I got 8 reads =D let's see how much this one can get.

Anyways hopefully this chapter can get just as much reads.

Also sorry for the short and crappy update I will try my

Hardest next time. Bye I love you guys :*


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