Falling for them


1. meet us


I'm mileaha and I'm Kelsey " ggrr Kelsey let me tell them about me first " " fine have it your way" ok well as I was saying I'm mileaha I'm 17 and in high school I live it California but I'm moving to Oklahoma with my sister can you believe it our parents are forcing us to got to OKLAHOMA THE ONE STATE WE DIDNT WANNA BE !! But owell forget about my rant . Anyway we are soon to be living alone in an apartment ( me and my sister) . I have 2 tattoos one is music notes Behind my ear they start at the top and go down to the bottom of my ear. Also I have another on the bottom of my wrist that says dreamer. I like singing dancing acting and photography. I have brown wavy hair and green eyes.


hi I'm Kelsey and as you know my sisters mileaha I'm 17 and in high school like her. I like singing dancing acting and writing. I have a tattoo of a frog on my foot and that's all but I'm thinking of getting another one. I have Curley blonde hair and blue eyes.

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