Chasing The Sun (The Wanted Fanfic)

It's the Apocalypses. There's Zombies everywhere. The guys of The Wanted,their girlfriends ,and younger siblings try to get a cure for Agness, Jays' four year old sister who is very sick. This story is full of adventure , action , heartbreak, and you might even cry because of it's tragic drama.

5Me gustan

1. Leaving Part 1

                                   (Jays' POV)

              "It's alright. You'll be ok. I'll protect you."I said rubbing Agness back. We live in the now broken city of New York. "We have to get out of here as soon as possible."My Best friend Nathan said."I know I know. We'll have to move out tomorrow though."I replied. "Alright I'll tell Siva, Max, Jeremy, Norah, Kylee, Cami, Tom, and Jaelynn. You tell Eveney, Alexis , And Agness ok."Nathan said. "Ok , now get some rest we have a big day tomorrow."I told Nathan."Ok,Ok" Nathan said laying down on a mat.



            sorry that wasn't that long I'll try to update as soon as I can. 


              Things you should know

Agness is Jays' four year old sister. Alexis is Jays' girlfriend.

Eveney is Sivas' girlfriend. Safaa is Sivas' little sister (14

Cami  is Maxs'  girlfriend. Jeremy is Maxs' younger brother (15)

Norah is Nathans' girlfriend. Kylee is Nathans' sister(12)

Jaelynn Is Toms' girlfriend.



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